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Ivan Judanovich was a citizen of the Eastern Slav Republic. He was a crucial leader for the anti-government forces during the country's Civil War until he and the entire rebel leadership were eliminated.

Biography Edit

Judanovich was born to a Cossack family in the Soviet Union. After the breakup in the early 1990s, he became an influential political figure for one region which called for independence from the newly formed Eastern Slav Republic over irrecoverable socio-economic differences. When the government offered regional autonomy in exchange for ceasefire, the unrest quickly ended and Judanovich was made their leader, now known simply as the Ataman (a term given to Cossack leaders).[2][excerpt 1]

Civil War Edit

Some time after the unrest, it was discovered the autonomous region contained large oil supplies. Fighting restarted when the republic's oligarchs attempted to claim it for themselves. Judanovich quickly took charge in a civil war, now intent on moving the fighting to the capital of Holigrad and overthrowing the president, Svetlana Belikova.[3] Unaware of a secret plot by the President to destroy the leadership, Judanovich and the others accepted modified dominant-strain Plagas which would allow them to control parasitised Licker B.O.W.s. Eventually the Plaga began to resist him and take control, forcing his euthanising.

Further notesEdit

  • In an early interview with Makoto Kamiya,[4] it was said that the B.O.W.s used in the war are being controlled by an "old man", establishing him as the supreme commander of the rebels, and not just one of the leaders.
  • Ivan Judanovich's name can be heard during a radio transmission in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode 2 with Claire and Moira as soon as they got separated from Neil.



  1. Excerpt from Art Guide: アタマンは 「コサック民族の長老」 を意味する。反政府勢力に強い影響を持つ 「長老会議」 の長。 反政府勢力をまとめ、 長のルートより入手したB.O.W. を切り札に、 大統領府への襲撃を画策する。 またアタマン自身もプラーガを寄生させていたことが判明した。
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