DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of Anderson's Films)

J.P. Askegren was an Umbrella soldier assigned to Carlos Olivera's team during the viral outbreak in Raccoon City. He always had a toothpick in this mouth.[1]


J.P. Askegren formerly worked at the Prince George's County Sheriff's Department in Virginia.[1] He loathed working there, seeing his co-workers as rednecks only caring about "how many niggers they could bust before lunchtime". When he quit, he joked that it was because he could pass an IQ test.[2]

Six months later, Askegren's pregnant wife was offered a job in Raccoon City, and the couple left Virginia. Askegren himself was offered a job in the Security Division by Major Timothy Cain, which he accepted. When the viral outbreak occurred, Askegren lost contact with his wife, and the other teammates feared the worst. He was attacked soon after the team's helicopter landed, sustaining a critical head wound. He later reanimated as a zombie.[2]


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