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For her clone, see J Pop Girl (clone).

J Pop Girl is the "patient zero" of Tokyo, Japan and the Global T-Virus pandemic.[2] She is portrayed by Japanese actress and singer Mika Nakashima.[3]


Resident Evil: AfterlifeEdit

The J Pop Girl is a Japanese girl who appears in the opening scene of Resident Evil: Afterlife. She is first seen standing in the rain among a crowd of people crossing a busy intersection. A while after, a man passing by notices she's staring blankly at the ground and appears to be in a daze. When he approaches her, she attacks him, thus triggering the T-Virus outbreak in Japan.

Resident Evil: RetributionEdit

A clone of J Pop Girl reappears in Resident Evil: Retribution in a continuation of her appearance in Afterlife as one of the Majini Undead. During Alice's escape from the interrogation room in Umbrella Prime, she enters the Tokyo simulation created to monitor the spread of the T-Virus among the human populace. Once the simulation begins, J Pop Girl steps into the street with the crowd, already showing signs of infection. She bumps into Alice before stopping in the middle of the intersection and a repeat of her original appearance begins.

Once she attacks the businessman, several other undead attack the surrounding populace, causing a panic. Alice flees from the simulation into a narrow white corridor where she squares off with J Pop Girl and several other Undead. Alice knocks J Pop Girl out, and focuses on the group of undead behind her. Once they're dispatched, J Pop Girl recovers from the blow she took from Alice's chain and stumbles toward the survivor. As she rears to attack Alice with her mandibles, she is shot in the head.



  1. According to Paul W.S. Anderson, the outbreak in Japan takes place not long after the outbreak in Raccoon City in Resident Evil: Apocalypse
  2. Resident Evil: Afterlife Audio Commentary with Paul W.S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt and Robert Kulzer
  3. Mika Nakashima to appear in Resident Evil: Afterlife

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