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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

"J Pop Girl" was a clone engineered by the automated Umbrella Prime facility for T-virus testing.


During Alice's escape from the interrogation room in Umbrella Prime, she entered the Tokyo simulation created to monitor the spread the t-Virus among the human populace. Once the simulation began, J Pop Girl stepped into the street with the crowd, already showing signs of infection. She bumped into Alice before stopping in the middle of the intersection. Attacking a businessman, in repeat of the actual J Pop Girl's last acts, several other undead emerged and attacked the surrounding populace, causing a panic. Alice fled from the simulation into a narrow white corridor where she squared off with J Pop Girl and several other zombies. Alice knocked J Pop Girl out, and focused on the group of undead behind her. Once they were dispatched, J Pop Girl recovered from the blow and stumbled toward the survivor. As she reared to attack Alice with her mandibles, she was shot in the head.



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