The owner's room is on the second floor of J's Bar.


The room has a statue of a woman and a fish tank. There's also a large shelves containing books and alcoholic drinks, small desk and multiple photos on the wall.


A woman's screams can be heard sometimes when entering the room. This adds ten points to the completion checklist.[1]


Location Localization Original Script
The statue A statue of a woman. There's nothing usual about it.
Fish tank There are some tropical fish in the tank. I wonder what their names are?
The book shelf Books about different alcoholic drinks.
The bottle shelf Expensive looking alcoholic drinks.
Photos on the wall The owner's photos are displayed. There's a strange hole on the wall.
Old photo An old photograph. They say the owner's grandfather purchased it.
The desk The drawer won't open. It's locked via some mechanism.
Outside area Stale, semi-warm wind is blowing through the room.




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