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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"Welcome to the family, son!"
— Jack Baker

Jack Baker was one of the members of the Baker family of Dulvey, Louisiana. He was the husband of Marguerite Baker and father to Zoe and Lucas Baker. He and his family were behind a series of kidnappings and murders from 2015-2017, due to the control of Eveline.


Pre-Infection Edit

Little is known about Jack Baker's life prior to the infection, although a picture of him dated April 1980 reveals that he once served in the United States Marine Corps. At some point in his life, he became the owner of a 19th-century ranch in the Louisiana countryside (possibly handed down to him by his family), married Marguerite Baker and sired two children, Lucas and Zoe.

Meeting Eveline Edit

In October 2014, according to his journal, Jack was thinking of reinforcing the family ranch with Lucas' help in response to local weather forecasts predicting a hurricane. The resulting storm destroyed their old house and crashed a tanker into a nearby bayou. Lucas discovered the ship and informed his father, who decided to investigate it the next day.

The Bakers found Mia Winters and a young girl named Eveline on board the tanker in the bayou and took them in, unaware that Eveline was a highly advanced human bio-weapon and Mia her escort (with the latter even attempting to warn the family via a letter to avoid contact with Eveline but fell unconscious before she could finish). Eveline, as soon as she woke up, infected the Baker family and Mia with her mold, triggering mutations within their bodies that granted them superhuman strength and regenerative capabilities. The Bakers also began to experience hallucinations, with Eveline manipulating them to see her and Mia as extended family. At one point, Marguerite attacked Zoe prompting Jack to intervene and tell Zoe to get rope to restrain her, but was ultimately taken control by Eveline and he began to assault Marguerite by submerging her head underwater in a bath by the time Zoe returned. He also dragged a terrified Lucas to "meet Eveline."

Under Eveline's Control Edit

Jack and his family went completely insane and eventually withdrew from community life altogether, causing the local parish to declare them dead. Occasional sightings of the Bakers eventually led to rumors that the residence was haunted.

As Eveline became more obsessed with expanding her family, perhaps due to the Bakers not understanding her medicinal needs, the family was enlisted in abducting tourists and homeless people over the next three years. Jack was responsible for killing, dissecting, skinning the victims, whose bodies became the Molded, while Marguerite used their organs as a source of food. Zoe attempted to communicate with the kidnapped victims and help them escape, which led to Jack and his family antagonizing Zoe.

In June 2017, TV producer Andre Strickland brought his Sewer Gators paranormal investigation team into the house, where they were killed by Jack and Lucas.[1] Eventually, another kidnapping victim managed to escape the house even after encountering Jack and one of the Molded.


Jack briefly interacts with Marguerite while she in-between travels to and from the "bedroom" for the sole surviving member of Sewer Gators, Clancy Jarvis. He enters a severe argument with Marguerite, which eventually incensed her enough to rush up to Clancy's bedroom and repeatedly stabs him, although Jack stops her before she could deal a lethal blow by apologizing and reassuring her that he loves her.


Jack, after foiling a prior escape attempt by Clancy, had the latter locked in the basement until 5 AM so he could "meet some friends of his" (referring to the Molded). Upon realizing that Clancy would not be defeated so easily, Jack personally confronted him at around 5 AM and was defeated.

Ethan's Arrival Edit

The following month, Mia's husband Ethan arrived at the house looking for his wife. After fending off a possessed Mia, Ethan is knocked out by Jack and brought to the main house. Jack ties up Ethan at the dinner table, intending to feed him pieces of meat and organs from various human victims, which was one of several methods the family used to turn their victims into Molded. When Ethan refused to eat, Marguerite stormed out of the room while Jack began stabbing him. However, he was unable to deal a fatal blow due to the arrival of a Dulvey Parish deputy investigating the area. Ethan used this opportunity to escape, although Jack quickly found out and began hunting for him, destroying much of his own property in the process.

Eventually, Ethan encounters the officer himself via a boarded window and agrees to meet with him in the garage. Once there, Jack closes the door and executes the deputy from behind with a shovel. Ethan picks up the slain officer's gun and attempts to kill Jack, but only manages to stun him temporarily. Finding a pair of car keys on a nearby table, Ethan enters the parked vehicle and uses it to run Jack over multiple times. Although Jack is seriously injured, he still manages to pick himself up and hijack the car, driving it into a pile of loose metal scaffolding in the hopes of impaling Ethan. However, Ethan survives this by ducking his head under the scaffolding and escaping the car, which then explodes. Although Jack himself collided with one of the protruding metal bars and was badly burned in the explosion, he immediately recovers and continues to chase Ethan. Jack grabs Ethan's handgun and points it in his mouth, telling him that he is about to witness something "wonderful" before blowing a hole through his own head.

Second Encounter with Ethan Edit

Later on, a visibly burnt Jack surprises Ethan in the second floor bathroom, his head injuries now partially healed, and begins stalking him throughout the house once more. Jack also takes a marble dog head piece with him to the dissection room in order to ambush Ethan, knowing that he would need it to escape the house. After a small skirmish, Jack grabs an oversized, man-made pair of chainsaw-shears, while Ethan grabs a normal chainsaw. Showing resilience and endurance, Ethan holds his own against Jack, chainsawing him multiple times and ultimately exposing his growths. Eventually, Jack gets chainsawed to the point where his upper body is completely destroyed, leaving only his legs intact. Despite this, his legs start to stand and walk, but eventually falls to the ground, once again, seemingly dead.

Final Battle with Ethan and Death Edit

The loss of his upper body triggered a mutation which led to him increasing multiple scores in size and transforming into a reptile-like monstrosity, sporting several eyeballs and completely covered in Eveline's black essence. He confronts Ethan in a boat house in the pier while the latter is rescuing a captured Mia and Zoe. While swearing at Zoe, Jack ends up screaming about how they're being plotted against, and how Ethan continues to plot against him. Jack's speech has also become much more demonic and strained. At several points during the battle, he cries out Marguerite's name in agony, implying that he is well aware of her death at Ethan's hands.

Ethan defeats Jack by taking out his eyes, causing him to retreat into the flooded section of the outhouse. Seconds later, Jack ambushes Ethan from underwater and begins to swipe at him in a confined space, inadvertently allowing his final eyeball to be exposed and destroyed. Jack's carcass begins to rot away, and Ethan tries to escape with Zoe and Mia. However, Jack grabs Ethan once more, readying for another fight. Zoe tells Ethan to use a dose of the serum on him. When Ethan does, Jack crystallizes completely, killing his body for good.

Aftermath Edit

Despite being killed by the serum in the Pier Boathouse, Jack later reappears in Ethan's dream. Now free of Eveline's control, he expresses deep remorse for his actions, revealing to Ethan that his family were corrupted and did not wish to harm anyone. He explains that Eveline, whom they found in a wrecked oil tanker, had infected them with her "gift" and made them into her own "family". Jack then begs Ethan to save his family from Eveline, right before Ethan wakes up from the dream.

Personality Edit

Prior to Eveline's arrival, Jack Baker was a family man. However, he was not above physically disciplining his son Lucas, once having slapped him for using his cellphone at the dinner table. Jack also usually referred Ethan as "son" and "boy".

Under Eveline's influence, Jack is a highly sadistic and violent individual who wears a manic grin most of the time. He is very abusive towards his son Lucas, even slicing his arm off at one point. He's also verbally abusive towards his wife and also makes motions that imply that he was also physically abusive towards her as well. He was also shown to be verbally abusive towards Zoe, as when confronting Ethan for the final time, he yells at his daughter to "get [Zoe's] ass back to the house" and implies that he intends to punish her after killing Ethan for her treachery. Even under Eveline's influence, however, it is revealed that he ultimately still cares for his family, as he was genuinely angry that Ethan tried to get Zoe to turn against him, and was also mourning for Marguerite's demise. In a rare event in 'Bedroom', Jack has an argument with Marguerite about Clancy being in the house, and eventually apologizes and reassures her he loves her.[2] However, when Jack is encountered later after being freed from his body, he is a kind and peaceful father who helped Eveline and Mia when he found them next to a downed tanker, and eventually began to lose himself to Eveline's infection.


As a benefit of his infection by the Mold, Jack possesses a significantly increased strength threshold that far belies a man of his age and build. Jack has been shown to effortlessly and brutally throw Ethan through walls. He effortlessly tears off the roof of a car with his bare hands and can also wield obscenely large weapons in combat, such as man-made sheers; and use smaller weapons with amazing precision and strength, as shown when he destroys a dinner table with a shovel, splintering it, and his lifting Ethan by the neck in some encounters with one arm.

Jack's regeneration is on a whole different level as compared to the rest of the Baker family due to his being the first of the Bakers to be infected by Eveline. He is a constant enemy throughout the game as he is invulnerable to conventional means of attacks. Even when shot in the heart, it was only sufficient enough to stun him for a few seconds. Examples of his superior regenerative powers are (in order of sequence): run over by a car, impaled by girders in a car crash, lit on fire, engulfed in a fiery car explosion, and finally getting a self-inflicted shot in the head, blowing a hole through the right portion of his skull. He still comes back for more throughout the game as his upper body explodes following a fight with Ethan Winters due to repeated attacks from a chainsaw. Jack then regenerates into a monstrous entity, with his eyes bulging out of its sockets, with him being covered in Eveline's contamination. The only thing that truly stopped him was the administration of the serum, calcifying his body, and thus removing the threat of Jack Baker for good.


Main gameEdit

Jack is encountered in a “stalking” form for a few section while the player is in the Main House. During these phases, Jack will either be aware or unaware of where the player is. Doing enough damage will cause him to collapse but he will rise again after a set amount of time.

Jack first becomes present in the Main House when the player walks past the Laundry room and down the hall. He will be unaware of where the player is and will go to the Dining Room.

Running into the Pantry will trigger an event will Jack will immediately enter and if gets close enough, will knock the player down and cut off their Leg leaving it detached, and taunt Ethan as he leaves a First Aid Med to give you a chance to survive. Unlocking the floor door and entering will despawn Jack.

Jack will be encountered as a boss fight when the player enters the garage. During this fight, he acts the same as stalking phase but at a certain point he will enter Ethan’s car and use it against him. Once damage is done he will crash the car. Alternatively, if the players obtains the Car Key and uses it against him, an event will happen where Jack tears off the car roof and takes over the steering wheel and then crashes the car. After the car crash, Jack will emerge engulfed in flames and approach the player to attack for a set period of time until the car explodes which will end the fight with him.. Doing damage will cause him to flinch during this phase.

Jack will spawn in again during an event in Easy and Normal mode after the player picks up the Wooden Statuette and attempts to leave the bathroom. Jack will walk in at this point, otherwise on Madhouse, Jack will spawn in in his unaware state when the player goes to the second floor.

Dropping down from the second floor to the first and then walking past the Laundry room will trigger an event where Jack smashes through the wall from the Pantry (leaving it open) and aware of the player.

Jack will not follow the player in the Sitting Room or anywhere in the Processing Area.

He is encountered as a mandatory boss fight in the Morgue after the player picks up the Red Dog's Head. After enough damage is done, Jack move away debris on the wall to pick up a scissor weapon and allow the Chainsaw to be picked up. After the fight Jack will be “defeated” and won’t be encountered at all until the scripped fight in the Boat House.


Jack is fought during the early hours in his first appearance form. He later appears in the final hours as a final boss in his Morgue form, carrying his giant shears.


Jack is first seen in the beginning, where he brings in Eveline due to finding her in the wreckage and brings her up to Lucas' old bedroom. Later on, Jack attempts to restrain Marguerite when she assaults her daughter and demands that Zoe get the rope from the garage, though when she does so, Jack then tries to attack Zoe and proceeds to self-multilate himself. If the player fails to bolt the door shut with the rope she carried earlier, Jack will ambush Zoe, with a Game Over sequence showing Jack and Marguerite dragging Zoe to "meet Eveline" with a "You Failed" message.

If the player attempts to escape via the garage, Jack will appear and forces Zoe out of the car and, angrily telling her that she's being rude for not meeting her 'sister', and proceeds to beat her while ranting that he won't stand for rudeness. It then shows a narration where it mentions that was just one resolution to Zoe's struggle and mention that the player failed to guide Zoe down the true way.

Quotes Edit

  • 'Welcome to the family, son"
  • "It's over, boy!"
  • "Ethan! Ethan! Ethan!"
  • "Oh, no, no, no, no...! Now you gonna get it!"
  • "This was supposed to be a very special feast."
  • "Shut the hell up, Marguerite!"
  • "You thought you could just slip out before dinner was done?"
  • "I'm gon' squash you like a bug. Hope Marguerite didn't hear that. "
  • "Goddammit! How am I going to replace this?" (If Jack smashes the table with the shovel)
  • "That gun is not going to work the way you think it will."
  • "Oh boy! Now you look what you done, motherfucker!"
  • "Oh no you don't. I'M driving!" (If Jack pulls Ethan out of the car)
  • "What's wrong? Step on it!"
  • "Let's finish this - you and I."
  • "Aww yeah, I'm gonna take you for a ride!"
  • "Do I have your attention, boy? You are about to see something wonderful." (Before Jack forces Ethan to shoot him in the head)
  • "This is the end, you know?"
  • "You ain't gettin' away!"
  • "Boy you are nothing'! Just a man without a family." (If Ethan was killed by Jack)
  • "You came to the wrong house, boy."
  • "That boy's got to eat! He got to have his supper."
  • "Thought you'd just slip out before dinner was done?" (If Ethan was spotted by Jack)
  • "Miss me?" (If Ethan get spotted by Jack)
  • "Where'd that little shit get to?" (If Jack does not spotted Ethan)
  • "Where's my little Ethan?" (If Jack does not spotted Ethan)
  • "It's over, boy." (If Jack does not spotted Ethan)
  • "This is all too fun." (If Jack does not spotted Ethan)
  • "Hello there! ...How you been?"
  • "What's the matter son.. you outta ammo?" (If Ethan runs out of handgun ammo)
  • "Here piggy piggy piggy!" (If Jack does not spotted Ethan)
  • "Allright, have fun under there, boy. I'm gonna come back for you later." (If Ethan get spotted by Jack and escapes under the hatch)
  • "Don't be scared."
  • "Shitcock!" (Mutated Jack)
  • "Here I come!"
  • "No way out, ya know!"
  • "Marguerite!" (crying, Mutated Jack)
  • "I see you!"
  • " You can't hide from me, boy!"
  • "I'm an old man son, you can't take on an old man!"
  • " You're gonna witness something wonderful."
  • " Here's Daddy!"
  • "Time to grow a pair, Ethan." (During the boss fight against Jack)
  • "Groovy."
  • "Oh, big man got himself a gun. You know how to use it?" (If Ethan fires the shotgun at Jack)


Further notesEdit

  • Jack appears in the "Banned Tapes" DLC. In "Nightmare", he serves as the final boss, appearing in a variation of his second form from the main game (with chainsaw-scissors but not charred and wounded) and must be killed in order to complete the tape. He also appears in "Ethan Must Die", in which he is killed by a turret off-screen to warn the player of the turrets in the house. His body lies in front of the first turret until the mode is completed.


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