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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"Welcome to the family, son!"
— Jack Baker

Jack Baker was a resident at the so-called "Dulvey Haunted House", a large house in the Southern United States. He was the husband of Marguerite Baker and father to Lucas Baker.


The Baker family disappeared from community life sometime around 2014, with people believing the house to be abandoned. Over the next few years the occasional appearances of the residents led to the house's reputation as being haunted.

In June 2017, the rumored hauntings got the attention of TV producer Andre Stickland, who led his Sewer Gators paranormal investigation team into the house where they were killed by Jack and his wife, with Jack also attacking a fourth person who followed them in later, proceeding to "welcome" the person to his family.[1]

He appears to commonly discipline his son, Lucas. While his son was picking on Ethan Winters, and ultimately throwing his bowl at him, Jack slashed Lucas' arm. This triggers Lucas' exclamation "Not again!". Then his attention switches to Ethan, who won't eat with the Bakers.[2]


  • "It's over, boy!"
  • "Oh, no, no, no, no...! Now you gonna get it!"
  • "This was supposed to be a very special feast."
  • "Shut the hell up, Marguerite!"
  • "You thought you could just slip out before dinner was done?"
  • "I'm gon' squash you like a bug."
  • "Goddammit! How'm I gon' replace this?"
  • That gun is not gon' work the way you think it will."
  • "Oh boy! Now you look what you done motherfucker!"
  • "This is the end, you know?"
  • "You ain't gettin' away!"
  • "Boy you are nothin'! Just a man without a family."



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