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"Welcome to the family, son!"
— Jack Baker to Ethan Winters

Jack Baker was the patriarch of the Baker family of Dulvey, Louisiana. He was the husband of Marguerite Baker and father to Zoe and Lucas Baker. He and his family were behind a series of kidnappings and murders from 2015-2017, due to the control of Eveline.


Early life

As a child, Jack often fought with his older brother Joe, who boasted of breaking his nose and clothes-lining him in the swamp.

At a later point in his life, Jack served in the United States Marine Corps. He also became the owner of a 19th-century ranch in the Louisiana countryside, possibly handed down to him by his family, married Marguerite Baker and sired two children, Lucas and Zoe.

Meeting Eveline

One Click Question - No.25 A Dream before the Nightmare!

Jack holding Eveline in Daughters.

In October 2014, Jack was thinking of reinforcing the family ranch with Lucas' help in response to local weather forecasts predicting a hurricane.[2] The resulting storm destroyed their old house and crashed a tanker into a nearby bayou. Lucas discovered the ship and informed his father, who decided to investigate it the next day.

The Bakers found Mia Winters and a young girl named Eveline on board the tanker and took them in, unaware that Eveline was a highly advanced human bio-weapon and Mia her escort. Eveline infected them with her mold as soon as she woke up, triggering mutations within their bodies and manipulating them to see her as part of the family. Marguerite is the first to fall under Eveline's influence, and attacks Zoe in the bathroom. Jack is then forced to restrain Marguerite, ordering Zoe to grab some rope from the garage. By the time Zoe returns, Jack is also taken over by the mold and attempts to drown Marguerite in bath water. Jack mutilates himself in an act of "devotion" to Eveline before proceeding to chase Zoe around the house. Although his daughter manages to escape, Jack immediately turns his attention to Lucas and drags him into his old room to "meet Eveline".

Under Eveline's control

Jack and his family (except for Zoe) went completely insane and eventually withdrew from community life altogether, causing the local parish to declare them dead. Occasional sightings of the Bakers led to rumors that the residence was haunted.

As Eveline became more obsessed with expanding her family, the Bakers abducted tourists and homeless people. Jack was responsible for killing, dissecting, and skinning the victims, whose bodies became the Molded, while Marguerite used their organs as a source of food. Zoe attempted to communicate with the victims and help them escape, which caused Jack and his family to disown her.

In June 2017, TV producer Andre Stickland brought his Sewer Gators paranormal investigation team into the house, where they were killed by Jack, Mia, and Lucas.[3]


Jack, after foiling a prior escape attempt by Clancy, had the latter locked in the basement until 5 AM so he could "meet some friends of his", referring to the Molded. Upon realizing that Clancy would not be defeated so easily, Jack personally confronted him at around 5 AM, but was defeated.


Jack briefly interacts with Marguerite while she travels to and from one of the bedrooms to "care" for the sole surviving member of Sewer Gators, Clancy Jarvis. He briefly argues with Marguerite, incensing her so much that she burst into Clancy's bedroom and repeatedly stabbed him. However, Jack stopped her before she could deal a lethal blow by apologizing and reassuring her that he loves her.

Ethan's arrival

Baker family

Jack with Marguerite, Lucas, Eveline and Ethan Winters at dinner.

The following month, Mia's husband Ethan arrived at the house in search of his wife. After fending off a possessed Mia, Ethan is knocked out by Jack and brought to the main house. Jack ties up Ethan at the dinner table, intending to feed him pieces of meat and organs from various human victims, which was one of several methods the family used to turn their victims into Molded. When Ethan refused to eat, Marguerite stormed out of the room while Jack began stabbing him. He was interrupted by the arrival of a Dulvey Parish deputy before he could deal a lethal blow, and left to deal with the officer. Ethan used this opportunity to escape, although Jack quickly found out and began looking for him.

Jack Baker 3

Jack Baker attacking Ethan Winters.

Eventually, Ethan meets the officer in the garage, but Jack soon appears and executes the officer from behind with a shovel. Jack proceeds to chase Ethan until the latter enters his car (one of the Baker family members parked it in their garage) and runs Jack over 3 times. Jack survives this and hijacks Ethan's car, driving it into a pile of loose metal scaffolding in the hopes of impaling him. However, Ethan manages to duck his head under the scaffolding, although the ensuing car crash caused the vehicle to explode. Jack himself collided with one of the protruding metal bars and was badly burned in the explosion, but he immediately recovers and continues to chase Ethan. Jack grabs Ethan's handgun and points it in his mouth, telling him that he is about to witness something "wonderful" before blowing a hole through his own head.

Second encounter with Ethan

Later on, a visibly burnt Jack surprises Ethan in the bathroom, his head injuries now partially healed, and begins stalking him throughout the house once more. Jack also takes a marble dog head piece with him to the dissection room in order to ambush Ethan, knowing that he would need it to escape the house. Making his way to the basement, Ethan eavesdrops on a visibly distraught Jack, who is worried that Ethan will replace Jack as her "father". Talking to the now decapitated officer's corpse, Jack states that he'll need his help in dealing with Ethan, presumably by turning him into a Molded.

As Ethan picks up the final dog head piece, Jack grabs him from behind and kicks him into a caged arena below. After a brief skirmish, Jack grabs an oversized, homemade pair of chainsaw-shears and uses it against Ethan. Eventually, Jack is injured to the point where his upper body explodes, leaving only his legs intact. Despite this, his legs start to stand and walk, but eventually fall to the ground, once again, seemingly dead.

Final battle with Ethan

The loss of his upper body triggered a mutation which led to Jack increasing multiple scores in size and transforming into a reptile-like monstrosity, sporting several eyeballs and completely covered in Eveline's black essence. He confronts Ethan in a boat house while the latter is rescuing a captured Mia and Zoe. Swearing at Zoe, Jack ends up screaming about how they're being plotted against, and how Ethan continues to plot against him. Jack's speech has also become much more demonic and strained. At several points during the battle, he cries out Marguerite's name in agony and yells at Ethan for killing her, revealing that he is well aware of her death at Ethan's hands.

Ethan defeats Jack by taking out his eyes, causing him to retreat into the flooded section of the outhouse. Seconds later, Jack ambushes Ethan from underwater and begins to swipe at him in a confined space, inadvertently allowing his final eyeball to be exposed and destroyed. Jack's carcass begins to rot away, and Ethan tries to escape with Zoe and Mia. However, Jack grabs Ethan once more, readying for another fight. Zoe tells Ethan to use a dose of the serum on him. When Ethan does, Jack calcifies completely, supposedly killing his body for good.


Jack appears in Ethan's dream. Now free of Eveline's control, he expresses deep remorse for his actions, revealing to Ethan that his family were corrupted and did not wish to harm anyone. Jack then begs Ethan to save his family from Eveline, right before Ethan wakes up from the dream.

End of Zoe

Jack is revealed to have survived Zoe's cure thanks to his poisoned cells growing out of control. He evolves into a towering, bloated beast nicknamed the "Swamp Man". Without Eveline's influence acting as his reigns, he's just a rabid dog. The Swamp Man is first foreshadowed stomping around the outskirts of Joe's bayou, knocking over trees and massacring mutant gators along the way. He raids Joe's shack, sets it on fire, viciously murders the two Blue Umbrella soldiers kept prisoner there, and attempts to kidnap his daughter Zoe, still possessing just enough humanity in him to love her. Joe and Zoe get away in a boat, however, and he gets one final look at the Swamp Man, unknowing that it's his brother, roaring in rage among the fiery remains of his shack. Later on in Joe's journey to cure Zoe, the Swamp Man jumps him twice in row, engaging in a brutal two-round fist-fight with his own brother just like when they were kids. He jumps him a third time after Joe gets the cure, only to get power-bombed and decapitated by his bare hands.

The Swamp Man quickly regenerates, however, and kidnaps Zoe right before Joe can administer the cure in a saferoom, dragging her through the swamp, carrying her into the Umbrella-quarantined zone, and vanishing in the fog before Joe can pursue. Joe finds Zoe rested in a church, but is attacked by the Swamp Man from behind. The close-quarters situation gives Joe the chance to peel his mask of mold back to reveal the remains of his brother's face. He's so taken aback by this realization that it gives Jack the chance to knock him into a coffin, lock it, and send it careening down the swamp, even as Joe begs him not to. Joe is nearly drowned but is thankfully beached right in front of the Baker Ranch, which has been devolved into a war-zone between Umbrella and the unstoppable juggernaut that is Jack. Joe arms himself with an AMG-78 gauntlet and takes on Jack one final time in the main hall, finally putting his brother down for good by exploding his entire upper-body with an earth-shattering punch through the brain.

Even after slaying him, Joe assures the cured Zoe that despite his actions, Jack still truly loved her.


Prior to Eveline's arrival, Jack Baker was a family man. However, he was not above physically disciplining his son Lucas, once having slapped him for using his cellphone at the dinner table. He also did not tolerate cursing, scolding Lucas for cursing during breakfast, though Jack himself became much more expletive under infection. Under Eveline's influence, Jack is a highly sadistic and violent individual who wears a manic grin most of the time, and was willing to attack anyone who had angered him at the slightest provocation. He is very abusive towards his son Lucas, even slicing his arm off at one point (with Lucas himself implying that this wasn't the first time it happened). He's also verbally abusive towards his wife and made a motion with his hand implying that he was going to hit her. Even under Eveline's influence, however, it is revealed that he ultimately still cared for his family, as he was genuinely angry that Ethan tried to get Zoe to turn against him (even though Zoe was already against him long before Ethan arrived) and that he had killed Marguerite. In a rare event in 'Bedroom', Jack has an argument with Marguerite about Clancy being in the house, but eventually apologizes and reassures her he loves her.[4]

When Ethan meets Jack again in Eveline's hive mind, he shows deep remorse for his actions, and says that he would never had hurt him if it wasn't for Eveline's influence. He showed sympathy for Eveline, telling Ethan that all she wanted was a family, and then begs Ethan to free his family from Eveline.

As the Swamp Man, Jack is more-or-less a mute but still conveys his personality through his actions and body-movement. His motivation is kidnapping Zoe in the sake of his love for her. He's also just as cocky, emotive, and comedic as his former self, shooting Joe mocking gestures like a wrestling rival. He does speak a few times, although it's just barely audible thanks to the infection-induced distortion in his voice. When Joe tries saving Zoe in the main hall, Jack jumps him and yells "She's mine!", and in the ensuing fight, he roars "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" in response to Joe's personal taunts.

Despite being a kind family man previously, Jack apparently had something of a drinking problem prior Eveline’s infection which only got worse as the infection spread. A note by Lucas in the Daughters DLC reveals Jack once got drunk and threw all of his stuff in the veranda and Marguerite claims in the Bedroom DLC that Jack gets “drunk every night”. There’s also a secret fridge behind the main house chockfull of beer which is implied to be Jacks.


As a benefit of his infection by the Mold, Jack possesses a significantly increased strength beyond that of a man of his age and build. Jack is shown effortlessly throwing Ethan through walls, tear off the roof of a car with his bare hands, and wield obscenely large weapons in combat, including homemade shears. He can also use smaller weapons with amazing precision and strength, as shown when he destroys a dinner table with a shovel, splintering it.

Jack's regeneration is on a whole different level as compared to the rest of the Baker family. He is a constant enemy throughout the game as he is invulnerable to conventional means of attacks. Even when shot in the heart or the head, it will only stun him for a few seconds, and though he can 'die' if damaged enough, he will simply rise again after a set period of time. Examples of his superior regenerative powers are (in order of sequence): run over by a car, impaled by girders in a car crash, lit on fire, engulfed in a fiery car explosion, and finally getting a self-inflicted shot in the head, blowing a hole through the right portion of his skull. He still comes back for more throughout the game as his upper body explodes following a fight with Ethan Winters due to repeated attacks from a chainsaw. Jack then regenerates into a monstrous entity, with his eyes bulging out of its sockets, with him being covered in Eveline's contamination. Even the administration of the serum, which calcified Jack's body, failed to kill him. Once he transformed into the Swamp Man, his mutation advanced even more than before, allowing him to control liquified portions of his body, and use them as bludgeons and whips.



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