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Further notes

The most notable quotes of Jack Krauser.

Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesEdit

  • So, you think B.O.W.s actually exist? Oh wait, you said you faced them before, huh?
  • It smells like... like a battlefield.
  • So, this is what Umbrella's virus can do, huh?
  • Their heads! Blow their heads off!
  • If that's the toughest these bio-organic weapon things get, then we got nothin' to worry about.
  • This is one hell of a mess we're in.
  • Look... fill me in, I need to know what you've been through. Everything.
  • Time to kick some ass!

Resident Evil 4Edit

  • You may be able to prolong your life, but its not like you can escape your inevitable death, is it?
  • Consider it done.
  • What's the news on our friend, Leon?
  • Saddler's got it, seems he sniffed out our little game.
  • Just so that we understand each other clearly, I don't trust you, nor does Wesker. If you try anything clever I will kill you.
  • We'll see soon enough if you did.
  • Been a long time, comrade.
  • I died in a crash two years ago. Is that what they told you?
  • You catch on quick, as expected. After all, you and I both know where we come from.
  • Oh, I needed her to buy Saddler's trust in me. Like you, I'm American.
  • All for Umbrella's sake...
  • Almost let it slip...enough talk, die comrade!!
  • Well, if it isn't the bitch in the red dress.
  • So, you two are all hooked up now, is that it?
  • It pretty much means that you're on a tight leash.
  • Run, Leon! Run!
  • Getting soft, are we?
  • Good, Leon.
  • Now we're talkin.
  • That's what I'm talking about.
  • You don't seriously think a conservative mind can chart a new course for the world, do you?
  • Don't just stand there. Come out and fight like a man!
  • What is it that you fight for, comrade?
  • I see you've honed your skills.
  • Witness the power!
  • Prepare for your death, Leon!

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