Shirley novelization
(Novelization of Retribution)

Jack Tannager was a survivor of the 2002 global T-virus outbreak. Being of Anglo-Chinese ancestry, Jack had some - though very little - knowledge of Mandarin.


Jack was born to a Han Chinese woman and a British airline pilot father. His father died at the beginning of the pandemic, killed by an infected passenger and causing a plane crash.[1] With his mother dying along the way, Jack ended up with his uncle Chung on Catalina Island, they were largely isolated from the remainder of civilization, bar the occasional dealings with water-bound refugees. Along with his uncle Chung, the other two residents were fishermen Bim and Lory, the latter of whom taught Jack how to ride boats and surf.

Meeting Dori and JudyTech

After Umbrella Prime was fallen, Jack helped scuttle an Umbrella submarine found to be housing Las Plagas Undead. With that taken care of, he developed an attraction towards Dori, a clone engineered by Umbrella for viral research.

Further notes

As the official novelization of Resident Evil: Retribution, it is presumed the new additions to the storyline are part of the W.S. Anderson movie canon.


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