The Jail corridor (牢屋前廊下 Rōya zen rōka?) is an area of the "Paradise" prison complex on Sheena Island.[1]


The jail corridor leads to the two places, jail on the left side and the outside field just up front. There's a small room on the left corridor that contains a refrigerator, chairs and tables along with some magazines on it.


There are three zombies in this area. The Rope is on the table in the hall.


Location Localization Original script
The "Baby Punks" poster This is possibly a clipping from a magazine. There is a picture of a girl in a swimsuit posted here.
The lockers These seem to be some prison guards' lockers.
The door to the playing field It's locked from the other side.




  1. Hamada, SURVIVOR, pp.94, 96

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