DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of Anderson's Films)

Dr. Jaime Cerota was an Umbrella researcher involved in their initial attempts to prevent the spread of the T-virus. While working as a virologist, Jaime also had experience with Anatomy under Professor Krapovsky.[1]


When Dr. Jim Knable accidentally spread the T-virus into the Mission District of San Francisco, Cerota was given executive authority by California's governor to contain the infection. Heading in to meet with Dr. Yu-Chin, a leading figure in the CDC who was linking the infection to that in Raccoon City, she was only able to talk with her for a moment before three zombies escaped from containment. Cerota fought off the three escaped zombies, but was infected by Knable. Her final action was to report the containment failure to Dr. Sam Isaacs and apologising for not holding the zombies off. She then shot herself to prevent zombification.[2]


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