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Jake was a civilian in Raccoon City. Not much is known about him, but he most likely was present during the t-Virus outbreak.


Jake's character skin can only be accessed through cheat devices such as GameSharks. He is a George-type character and starts with a red/green/blue herb mix.

  • Jake has the following stats:
  • His speed is slightly faster than David
  • A low vitality of 1500
  • His attack power is very weak. Almost like Cindy's.
  • He has an average infection rate of 0.98% per minute

Further notesEdit

  • Judging by his clothing, Jake was some kind of professional, although it is unknown what his profession was.
  • Since he is a George-type, he could very well be an expert in the medicinal field, like a doctor.
  • He has a proper name in both File #1 and File #2 which indicates he may have had a role in a cut scenario as most unimportant characters do not have proper names in File 1.


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