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Jake Chapter 5 is the final chapter of Jake Story in Resident Evil 6. Jake and Sherry were once again captured by Carla Radames's minions and taken to the Underwater Facility. Upon being released by the B.S.A.A., it's time for the last escape — and for Jake to come into terms with himself and his heritage.


Jake and Sherry find themselves trapped in Neo Umbrella's undersea facility at the bottom of the ocean. The situation seems hopeless until Chris and Piers, following a tip from Leon, show up to rescue them. However, when Chris admits that he killed Jake's father, Wesker, Jake loses himself to emotion and reflexively pulls his gun on Chris. The situation is tense. Just then, Neo Umbrella's massive B.O.W., Haos—a creature capable of bringing ruin upon the entire planet—awakens from its cocoon. Understanding how valuable Jake's blood is to the world, Chris tells Sherry and Jake to make their escape while he and Piers fight Haos. Jake and Sherry do not get far before they again run into Ustanak, and are forced into a brutal fight.
The seemingly unstoppable hunter refuses to be defeated even after having its body burned away by fiery magma—its pursuit unforgiving to the end.
Finally, Jake and Sherry manage to defeat the creature and make their escape from the facility.

Following their adventure together, Jake hands over a sample of his blood to Sherry and disappears—though not before lowering his original asking price of fifty million dollars to just fifty. From Jake's blood, a vaccine for the C-Virus is distilled, and the outbreak is gradually contained.


  • Jake: Enough of this cat and mouse bullshit! Come get some you ugly son of bitch!


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