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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

"My name is Alice. And I remember everything."
— Janus, referring to herself by her codename to Dr.Isaacs after regaining her memories

Janus Prospero[1][2] was a leading party in the conflict against the Umbrella Corporation during the Global T-virus Pandemic. Originally a high-ranking Umbrella security operative under the alias "Alice", she joined a deep cover operation by members of the US law enforcement to reveal the company's illegal viral research data to the world. This plan ultimately failed when her co-worker, Spence stole the virus samples with the intention of getting rich on the black market and leaked the virus into the lab to kill the research staff in the confusion. Both Janus and Spence were knocked unconscious when the security system released noxious gas and were rendered amnesiac.

Infected after escaping the Zombie-infested facility, Janus was taken away by Umbrella for testing. Enhanced by a T-virus infection; antidote and re-infected, Janus became the test subject of an Umbrella research project designated "Project Alice" (keeping with her company alias); granted with superhuman abilities, she was able to survive the viral outbreak in Raccoon City and several years of the T-virus' spread across the Earth. As she had not succumbed to the T-virus and transformed into a Zombie, the acquisition of Janus became a major goal to the company as a means of surviving the pandemic. Janus ultimately crippled Umbrella's leadership nonetheless, paving the way for its Red Queen computer system to take full control of its remaining assets, now intent on humanity's destruction.


Not much is known about Janus's life prior to her assignment to the Looking Glass House in 2002. She was a highly-capable, high-ranking security operative for The Hive, a top-secret Umbrella facility located under Raccoon City. Her job was to guard the secondary railway entrance to this facility along with Spence. With the Looking Glass House built above the station designed as a mansion, she and Spence were to play the role of an exceptionally wealthy married couple to lower any suspicion.


Having access to "security codes, surveillance plans, the works", Janus offered to help Lisa accomplish her mission

In 2002, Janus began talking to an Umbrella researcher named Lisa Addison, who was secretly a mole working for former FBI agent Matt. Rather than arrest her, Janus offered to help Lisa expose Umbrella's bio-weapons research through a plan to disable the Red Queen security system and allow the theft of a T-virus sample. Unbeknownst to them Spence, who had become romantically involved with Janus legitimately, discovered this plan. Considering the take down of Umbrella in this manner to be a worthless accomplishment, he instead made his own plan to steal a sample of the virus with his own security clearance, sell it on the black market and run away with Janus with the market money. Ultimately, Spence beat Janus to the virus samples.

The HiveEdit



Knocked out by the Red Queen's release of gas into the Looking Glass House following a T-virus leak, Janus woke up naked in the bathroom in an amnesiac condition, having no recollection of who or where she was. Briefly exploring the mansion in a failed attempt to look for clues to her identity, she was met by Addison, who had come for Anna and the virus sample. Umbrella's "Sanitation" commando team arrived right after; its leader James Shade demanded information from Janus. Accepting her amnesia but not having enough commandos to stay upstairs, Janus and Addison - their prisoner - were taken into The Hive as they investigated the reason for the security system killing the research staff. On their way they found Spence, who had also been rendered amnesiac due to the nerve gas.

When the mission successfully deactivate the Red Queen, it was revealed that the entire staff had been infected with the T-virus and, consequently, the security system was no longer able to prevent the Undead researchers from escaping. The group had lost several commandos in a trap set by the security system, so was incapable in fighting off the escaped Undead, resulting in the infection of almost the entire team. Forced to climb through ventilation, they aimed to reach the train before their escape could be sealed off. Breaking from the group, Janus became aware of her martial arts skills when she instinctively kicked an Undead dog. Moving through the lab, she remembered the existence of the Anti-Virus; the team followed her in search of it. Entering the viral research lab to find it empty of both the T-virus and Anti-Virus, Spence remembered his actions and turned on the others. With Janus unwilling to come with him as he explained his original plan, she was left locked with the others as he ran to the train station where he hid the vials. They soon after escaped the lab and retrieved the vials from his body, Spence having been killed by one of the escaped creatures. The four survivors were injected with the Anti-Virus, but lost two due to another attack and a late injection. Janus and Matt were left, reinfected as Umbrella employees stormed the Looking Glass House to investigate the loss of contact with the Sanitation team. They were both seized and taken into quarantine at Raccoon General Hospital.

Raccoon CityEdit

Resident evil apocalypse blu ray 001

Janus in Resident Evil Apocalypse

During the viral outbreak in Raccoon City, Janus was released by Major Cain to combat their latest bio-weapon "Nemesis" (a mutated Matt Addison). After escaping the hospital, Janus learns that the T-virus had escaped The Hive and was now spread into the civil population of Raccoon City, transforming its citizens into Undead. Janus also discovers that she has been genetically altered by exposure to the T-virus; her memories of how it happened were blurred and full of missing information. After wandering around the city, Janus senses several survivors Jill Valentine; Peyton Wells, and Terri Morales were in trouble with a heavy presence of the T-virus surrounding their location.


Janus wakes up after further experimentation.

Janus's abilities have made her aware of other organisms infected with the T-virus, such as Angela Ashford. After saving the survivors, Jill Valentine demands an explanation on how Janus knew they were inside the church. Janus evades the question and instead explains her knowledge regarding the events leading into the outbreak at Raccoon City, telling them that she used to work for Umbrella. After receiving a phone call from Dr. Ashford the survivors make a deal to rescue his daughter from her school in exchange for a safe route out of the city.


Janus vs. Nemesis.

Janus and the others' paths were divided when the Nemesis ambushes them and kills Peyton. Janus opts to fight the Nemesis while the others escape in order to locate Angela at the school. Janus was bested by Nemesis in their first encounter and barely escapes with her life. She later reunites with the others at the school, arriving in time to rescue Jill and Angela from the undead dogs who had been stalking them. She ignites the gas from the kitchen stove with a cigarette, killing the dogs in the explosion. The three then meet Carlos Olivera, who was also sent by Ashford to look for Angela.

The group arrives at city hall, unaware that Major Cain has intervened with Dr. Ashford's plan. He captures Janus and the others and demands to see a demonstration of Janus's abilities against the Nemesis. He explains that Janus was unique and adapted to the changes from the T-virus, unlike her counterpart. Janus refuses to fight until Cain shoots Dr. Ashford and threatens to kill everyone else if she continues to object. She fights Nemesis until she gains the upper hand and impales him on a sharp metal object. During the fight, she experiences a flashback that reveals that the Nemesis was actually Matt Addison, who had been subjected to Umbrella's experiments alongside her. Cain orders Nemesis' immediate execution, but Janus refuses the order and the offer to rejoin the Umbrella corporation at his side. Disappointed, Cain orders Matt to kill her, however, the Nemesis rebels - implying that he remembers Janus from The Hive - and attacks the Umbrella soldiers instead. He aids Janus and the others in their fight to escape. He later protects Janus from the helicopters trying to kill her, taking them out with one shot from his rocket launcher. Janus tries to evade the crash, but was rendered unconscious by flying shrapnel from one of the helicopters. She later regains consciousness when Carlos and Angela go to retrieve her. As she was pulled to her feet, she spots the Nemesis' hand sticking out from underneath the burning wreck of one of the helicopters.

Death and rebirthEdit

File:Janus rebirth.jpg

When the nuclear strike ordered by Major Cain occurs, the helicopter Janus and the others use to escape was caught by the shock waves from the blast. A pole of some sort inside the helicopter was shaken loose by the blast and spins toward Angela. Janus throws herself in front of the girl and as a result, was impaled by the pole. Janus was only partially aware of the helicopter crash before she dies, catching flashes of the event as it happens. The others pull her from the crash and cover her body. Two hours later, her body was retrieved from the Arklay Mountains by Umbrella scientists, lead by Dr. Sam Isaacs.

3 weeks after the outbreak in Raccoon City, Janus has been taken to a Umbrella facility in Detroit. She wakes from stasis in a tank, with no memory of the outbreak or The Hive. It was revealed that Dr. Isaacs reanimated Janus with a new strain of the t-Virus which gave her telekinetic abilities, making her Umbrella's most successful experiment. When asked about her name or any indication of the incident, Janus's memories return and she responds, "My name is Alice. And I remember everything,". She attacks Dr. Isaacs and his team, demonstrating her new-found abilities; when an Umbrella guard shoots her with a Taser, she remains unharmed by the electrical current and uses the weapon against it's wielder by tossing the wires back at him. During her escape, she somehow detects she was being watched by one of the security guards and was able to kill with a mere glance through the monitors. During her escape, Janus was confronted by a dozen armed soldiers waiting outside, ready to kill her, when Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera (posing as Umbrella operatives) intervene. During their departure, Dr. Isaacs orders the security guards to let them go. He then orders the activation of Project Janus.

Global T-virus pandemicEdit

Resident Evil Extinction (2007)

Janus during the events of Extinction.

After escaping the laboratory in Detroit, Janus leaves the group, realizing that she was a threat to her companions, and sets out across the deserted American landscape, presumably as the global outbreak occurs. Five years later, she responds to a call for help from an abandoned radio station, only to be captured by a group of psychopaths and forced to fight a group of Cerberus for their amusement. She outwitted her captors and left them to their fates, being ripped apart by the Cerberus.

All the while, her psionic powers were growing, which proved to be a risk, as Umbrella could detect the effects of those powers and track her. They proved useful, however when she came across the convoy led by Claire Redfield, and used her powers to expand a cloud of fire to wipe out a swarm of infected crows and saved Carlos from being burnt alive, after which she passed out and awoke a few hours later.

Janus informed the surviving convoy members, Carlos and L.J. among them, of a supposedly uninfected outpost in Alaska (Arcadia), and it was agreed that the convoy would head there after scouring the ruins of Las Vegas for supplies.

It was there than Sam Isaacs set a trap for her, with a shipping crate full of Super Undead. Using a signal to "deactivate her" (eventually activating her implanted neural dampener) Isaacs prepared to collect her body. But Janus was able to fight off the paralyzing influence, and massacred Isaacs' strike team. She had the chance to shoot down his helicopter, but realized that it could be the convoy's ticket to Alaska.

She shows her love to Carlos by sharing a romantic kiss with him just before he sacrifices himself. Carlos, who had been infected by an infected L.J, drove a rigged tanker truck into a swarm of Undead, sacrificing himself to allow the survivors into the nearby Umbrella facility, where the convoy survivors lifted off.

Janus, though, decided to stay behind, and finished things with Umbrella once and for all. What she found was carnage. Dozens of corpses, all with her face, filled a ditch on the grounds of the facility; clones, created by Isaacs to further his research into the virus and the anti-virus. She descended into the lab to find it destroyed.


Janus, final fight with the Tyrant

Amidst the wreckage was the White Queen, an AI similar to the one she had encountered five years prior in The Hive. The Queen informed her that her blood was the key to purging the world of the t-Virus. The computer offered to help, but they could not proceed until Isaacs, now a hideous mutant (The Tyrant), was killed. Janus fought the monster in a replica of the Spencer Mansion and the Hive, the battle eventually moved into a recreation of the laser room.

Extinction alice clones 01

Janus' clones waking from suspended animation.

Before Isaacs could strike a killing blow however, the laser grid activated, slicing through the creature and continuing toward Janus. Bracing herself for the end, she was surprised when the lasers deactivated. They had in fact, been controlled by another of her clones, woken up during her fight with Isaacs. A few hours later, Janus appeared, via hologram, at an Umbrella board meeting. She faced down chairman Albert Wesker, vowing to come for him, and "bring a few of my friends." Outside, as she and the first clone looked on, the others began to wake up.


Prison yard

Janus fighting Undead in Afterlife

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, Janus and her clones assault the Tokyo headquarters of the Umbrella Corporation. The clones kill everyone except Albert Wesker who escapes in a helicopter and activates a bomb that destroys the facility and kills all of Janus's clones. Janus escapes on the chopper with him and holds a gun to his head, preparing to execute Wesker, but he injects her with a serum that destroys the T cells in her body and renders her powerless. Wesker reveals that he has taken the t-Virus too and displays similar powers to Janus, defeating her and asks her for her last words.

Janus thanks Wesker, happy he removed her powers as she's now fully human again. As Wesker prepares to kill her, the pilot-less helicopter crashes. Janus was presumably the only survivor. Six months later, Janus pilots a two-seater plane to Alaska in hopes of finding Arcadia and the other survivors. Instead, Janus discovers a field of abandoned planes and choppers. She later finds the chopper flown by Claire Redfield abandoned on a nearby beach with the journal she gave K-Mart still inside, but nothing else. As she wonders what to do next, she was attacked and defeats her assailant but was shocked to see that its Claire with a Scarab device on her chest. Janus removes the device, but finds that Claire suffers memory-loss from a drug the device injected her with.

The two journey to Los Angeles where they find thousands of Undead surrounding the Citadel Correctional Facility, which houses a small group of survivors. Janus crash lands on the roof after and the group, lead by Luther West and Angel Ortiz, was disappointed Janus was not from Arcadia and reveals the safe haven was actually a ship, now moored in the harbor. Janus guesses it must be traveling up and down the West Coast retrieving survivors from various locations.

In the facility's prison Janus meets (and Claire was reunited with) Chris Redfield. Shortly after, Axeman attacks and lets in the Undead horde, forcing the survivors to abandon the prison. Janus's plane was hijacked by Bennett and the only escape vehicle was unusable due to the engine having been removed. Janus leads an escape through a tunnel dug by Undead that leads into the storm drains.

Janus, Claire and Chris end up the only survivors and make their way to Arcadia. There, they find Janus's plane crashed on the deck, but no sign of Bennett. Though the ship was abandoned, the log states over 2,000 people are still aboard. The trio discover a cargo hold with the Umbrella logo on it. Claire's memory of the events in Alaska returns and Janus realizes that Arcadia was an Umbrella trap to lure survivors into their grasp. Janus leaves Chris and Claire the duty of freeing the prisoners (starting with K-Mart), while she follows a blood trail to another room. Once inside, she discovers Albert Wesker was alive and well. Wesker reveals that his t-Virus powers allowed him to regenerate, but unlike Janus, the t-Virus was taking him over and he believed that feeding on her flesh will allow him to regain full control of himself. His actions and insanity were why the crew abandoned ship and he holds her at bay with an armed Bennett and two Undead dogs. However, Claire and Chris step in and Janus reminds him that she promised to "bring a few friends" along with her when she faced him.


Janus blows Wesker's brains out.

Claire and Chris unsuccessfully battle Wesker while Janus kills the Undead dogs with one of her shotguns and wounds Wesker with a knife to the head. Bennett thwarts her attempt to get her other shotgun to finish him off, but he's stopped by a recovered K-Mart who knocks him out and tosses Janus back her shotgun, allowing her to blow a massive hole through Wesker's head and free Claire and Chris. Wesker survives his wound, so Claire and Chris unload their pistols into him and trap him with Bennett. Wesker regenerates, kills Bennett and escapes on another chopper and activates another bomb to blow up the Arcadia. Janus quickly calls Chris and Claire to escape the cargo hold, but merely to watch as his plane was destroyed. Prior to her encounter with Wesker, Janus had removed the ship's bomb and placed it inside the plane he would later use to escape.

With a ship full of over 2,000 survivors, Janus decides to turn Arcadia into a real sanctuary for survivors and broadcasts her own message of hope to draw survivors to the ship. Soon after a massive Umbrella force of tiltrotors commanded by Jill Valentine, who had fallen under Umbrella´s control, approached the ship. Janus was injured in the ensuing battle upon the destruction of a Umbrella osprey and was thrown overboard.

Umbrella PrimeEdit

Alice retribution still

Janus in Umbrella Prime.

Recovered from the waters by the Umbrella Corporation, Janus was taken to a bio weapons testing facility known as Umbrella Prime. When Janus wakes, Jill Valentine appears and begins an interrogation. After several unsuccessful attempts, the power unexpectedly goes out allowing Janus to escape from her cell.

After escaping a laser grid defense measure, Janus finds herself in a simulation of Tokyo where she battles a horde of Undead that include Japan's patient zero. About to be overwhelmed, Janus flees through a door that leads back into the facility and enters the Operations Center only to find the personnel dead. Janus encounters Ada Wong - immediately recognizing her as the associate of Wesker. Wesker appears on a monitor and Ada explains that she and Wesker no longer work for Umbrella as the supercomputer Red Queen has taken over the Umbrella Corporation.

While Janus wants to blast her way out of a window to escape, Ada reveals to her that they were located beneath an ice field. Wesker informs Janus that he has sent her help in the form of a team led by Leon Kennedy. They set out to reach the suburban recreation of Raccoon City after a brief conversation with the Red Queen, who promptly threatens them that they were going to die.

Janus and Ada were able to reach the simulation of Raccoon City - after a brief battle in the New York simulation against two Axemen. During their trip, Janus locates a young girl named Becky who believed Janus was her mother. Janus recognizes the girl from her remembrances of the clone's experience and vows to protect her. While trying to escape the house, the group encounters Jill and a group of soldiers including Rain Ocampo, Carlos Olivera, and One. A shootout occurs, resulting in Ada's capture and Janus and Becky's escape. Entering the Moscow simulation, they encounter a second clone of Rain who Janus asks to look after Becky as she goes forward to meet the rescue team. Janus enters the Moscow environment and rescues the group from a collection of Las Plagas Undead and a Licker. They return to Becky and Rain to escape.

With time to spare the team reaches the elevators; however, the Licker captures Becky while Jill and the clones return and open fire. Janus pursues the Licker to rescue Becky, finding her in a cocoon with the Licker. Janus disables the Licker and rescues Becky. After she recovers explosives, Janus and Becky travel through a tunnel and find the cloning chamber where they find hundreds of clones of themselves. Janus reassures the girl that she was her mother and they are again attacked by the Licker. Using the explosives from earlier, Janus destroys the Licker and escapes with the child. They reach the surface and reunite with the rescue team while Umbrella Prime floods beneath them when the explosives go off.

Alice & Jill fighting

Janus Vs. Jill Valentine

Shortly afterward the rescue team was intercepted by a surviving Jill and her enforcer, the clone of Rain. While Rain fights Leon and Luther, Jill and Janus fight. Despite being severely injured, Janus manages to break the Scarab free from Jill's chest and frees her from the Red Queen's influence. Janus joins Leon in fighting Rain - who has injected herself with a Plaga parasite - but both were overpowered by the enhanced clone. After being severely injured by a hit to her chest, Janus noticed a collection of Las Plagas Undead beneath the ice. With the help of the freed Jill, Janus stops Rain by breaking the ice beneath her feet. A rescue vehicle arrives to save them, but Janus collapses from her injuries.

When she awakens, Janus was taken to the Oval Office in the White House. Escorted into the room alone, Janus finds herself facing Wesker. He immediately injects her with a sample of the T-Virus and she collapses again. He informs her he has returned to her her gifts in exchange for her help in defeating the Red Queen, who was set on destroying all that remains of humanity. She vows to kill him for what he's done to her and he taunts her by showing her the waves of undead that wait outside the White House barricades.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

After Janus's exposure to the t-Virus via experimentation conducted by the Umbrella Corporation, the virus somehow bonded with her in a way that is not seen in others who are infected. In turn, the virus gave her enhanced senses, agility, speed, strength, and accelerated healing. By the end of Apocalypse, she develops telekinetic abilities by added experimentation. A display of her physical abilities is demonstrated in a duel in Apocalypse where she was able to overcome the latest B.O.W., the Nemesis (Matt Addison). She is also able to dispatch most human foes with ease; during her time with the psychopaths in Extinction, she killed one of them with a single kick to the face, which presumably snapped his neck. During her escape from the Umbrella Detroit facility, her telekinetic abilities were displayed when she caused a guard in a surveillance room to bleed from every orifice, killing him slowly.

In short, she gains all of the t-Virus' "positive" effects and none of its negative effects like the deceasing of higher brain function, cannibalistic cravings, and eventual decomposing or rotting flesh. Janus was able to maintain her humanity and a strong sense of confidence in her skills as an advantage against even the most superior foes. Janus's telekinetic abilities were used three times in Extinction; the first time to levitate her motorbike (and several rocks) while dreaming, once to deflect the fire used to kill the crows, and once again to deflect a mutated Dr. Isaacs with a shockwave-like blast, stopping the tentacles and throwing him through a wall, also destroying most of the corridor of the mansion in the process. However, during her battle with Isaacs she was only able to win with the help of one of her clones. Janus tricked Isaacs into a laser security system which she knew could kill Isaacs (even with his enhanced regenerative capabilities, faster than her own). If not for her clone deactivating the system on time Janus would have shared the same fate as Isaacs. This still shows her cleverness and courage in battle, a trait that has kept her alive in her battles.

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, Janus's clones were shown to possess telekinesis and could use it on the same level she could, with one of them being able to destroy an entire room with a shockwave blast. They also displayed signs of Janus's heightened speed and agility, as they fought Wesker's men and guards. As Janus confronts Wesker on a chopper after he has blown up his facility, he injects her with a serum that destroys the T-cells in her body from the virus and thus renders her powerless. Janus actually thanks Wesker for this as it allows her to become a normal human again. Even without her powers, Janus retains the same level of confidence and fighting skills as she possessed with them before when she was a security operative of the Hive, and is even able to defeat an empowered Wesker (who had similar powers to her own) without her powers, using her own cunning and skill. In Resident Evil: Retribution she is able to defeat the empowered Rain without her powers as well through sheer ingenuity.

At the end of Resident Evil: Retribution, Albert Wesker injects Janus with the T-Virus, instantly restoring her powers, which she threatened to kill him for.

Appearance and wardrobeEdit

Resident EvilEdit

Janus wears a red dress, which has a plunging v neckline and thin straps. The left side of the dress is cut to hip level and the right side falls to below the knee. The dress is lined with a matching red fabric. Underneath, Janus wears a small black mini skirt and flat, black, three-quarter knee length boots complete the outfit. At times in the film she also wears a man's black leather biker jacket. Janus's hair is cut in a rough style to just above her shoulders and is parted at the side and layered.

Resident Evil: ApocalypseEdit

Janus wears a cropped orange tank with spaghetti straps. Over her orange tank she has a tattered olive mesh tank, sleeveless, with a scooped neckline. The mesh tank comes down to the level of a short mini skirt. She wears dark grey/faded black jeans, bootcut and hipster style. Earlier in the film her trousers are complete, but they get ripped. Once ripped, the middle part of her left trouser leg is missing, from above her leg holsters to below her knee. Her boots are dark leather and cowboy style, with a small heel. She wears many different holsters, including a webbed belt with double strapped leg holsters. She also has twin shoulder holsters and a leather strap slung across her chest for her shotgun. Her hair is dirty blonde and roughly cut to just above her shoulders and is center parted.

Resident Evil: ExtinctionEdit

Janus wears a sand colored tank top, probably with spaghetti straps. Over this she wears a short sleeved brown shirt, with only a few buttons done up at the bottom. She also wears brown full chaps with stocking-style straps at the front, which appear to be part of her shirt, as well as short olive/stone cotton cut-off shorts. Her olive/stone twin leg holsters are held with waist straps that cross over at the back. At times she wears a dark scarf and fingerless gloves. She also has a full length stone colored jacket. Her hair is dirty blonde and messy.

Resident Evil: AfterlifeEdit

Janus, and her clones, wear a combat suit that is all black and contains a body suit. After her clones are blown up and she goes on a voyage she wears a large green coat that covers her brown leather black short-sleeved T-shirt, black military corset/vest, pair of black leggings, pair of green leg warmers, and pair of black boots. Janus has hair dyed dark brown and lets her natural hair color grow out.

Resident Evil: RetributionEdit

Janus wears her Afterlife outfit in the first part of the movie. Her clone is seen wearing a red and white plaid shirt and blue skinny jeans, with brown boots. She wears a medical sheet when she wakes in Umbrella Prime. During the reboot of the Red Queen, she finds an Umbrella combat battle suit. The suit contains a black spandex full body suit, and cut-off finger gloves, sealed with finger seams. On the top of the suit is a tight bustier-cut leather vest with buckles. She wears black high boots with wedge heels. Her hair is neat and a darker shade of brown.

Further notesEdit

  • Janus' "Alice" pseudonym was not mentioned during the first movie, though it was revealed in the credits. The pseudonym was written in by Anderson as one of several references to Alice in Wonderland.
  • In the films, Janus' name is only shown on props. Her fake last name is never mentioned by mouth or by any other means. Her official name is revealed in the promotional material, "Raccoon City Times", for Resident Evil: Apocalypse[3] alongside the disappearance of Jill Valentine's partner, Leon Kennedy. In the novels her last name is given as "Abernathy", though the novels are in a separate continuity.
  • Throughout the course of the films, Janus' hair color gradually changes from blonde to brunette. According to Milla Jovovich via twitter Janus' natural hair colour is brunette and that she dyed it blonde prior to the events of the first film.
  • Janus' costume from the third film was designed by Milla Jovovich's clothing line, Jovovich-Hawk. Jovovich had a lot of influence in the costumes of the series after the first film.



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