Javier's Domain was a Capcom development blog published 18 September 2009. It is the twenty-second in a series of some twenty-three blogs detailing the development of the game.[1]


The new South American story in Darkside Chronicles is called Operation Javier, named after one of the characters players will meet in the mission. I'd like to tell you a little about Javier.

I wanted to create a character who could illustrate the world which will be the backdrop for Leon and Krauser's past. Javier is an integral part of the story, and he has to fulfill the role of illuminating the setting which our main characters are placed in.

Krauser and Leon have been sent on a mission by the U. S. government to infiltrate this small South American country. Finding Javier is their objective, since he is a drug lord who has taken de-facto control over a large area of jungle. He rules the entire area absolutely. The small government is unable to do anything about Javier's control of the drug trade, so Krauser and Leon have been called in.

The drugs that Javier's organization is producing have been contaminating surrounding countries, as well as finding their way into America. Javier is amassing a fortune in drug money, building up his own private army, and fortifying his operations. He is a wanted criminal in many countries, and is an uncommonly cruel man. Leon and Krauser won't have an easy time getting their hands on Javier in the dense, unfamiliar jungle.

This ability to slip through the fingers of justice and gather other criminals is not something an ordinary person could accomplish. Javier has achieved his goals through the use of violence and strict control of the region. He rewards those who submit to him, and brutally punishes anyone who stands in his way, making harsh examples of anyone who opposes him. He rules his dominion through fear. However, the drug lord has not been seen in public recently. What could he be doing in the depths of the jungle?

The U.S. government has received information that a former Umbrella researcher has somehow entered the region. Sources indicate that something strange is going on, but no accurate information can be obtained. Unwilling to risk a biohazard incident, a secret military agency pairs Leon and Krauser and sends them into this volatile region to determine what, if anything, is going on...

And with that, I would like to make another announcement. Next week's entry will be the final update to this blog. I feel like I've been able to introduce a lot about the game here, but now next week fans will finally be able to play it for themselves at the Tokyo Game Show, and I think I have accomplished what I set out to do with the blog. Now I have to focus on the always harrowing final push before the game is released!

For the next and final post, I'll tell you a bit about the woman you will meet in the depths of the steamy South American jungle.

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