(The SkyWalker Comics mythos)

Jeff was a UBCS mercenary who was assigned to the Raccoon City operation in 1998. He was Carlos Oliveira's best friend.[1][excerpt 1]


Jeff shared the same helicopter as Carlos Oliveira at the commencement of the operation; he showed to his friend the crucifix neclace he ceremoniously wore in battle.[2]

In the groundside bloodbath, he and Carlos paired up to fight the zombies in the streets. Jeff was bitten in the arm and weakened. He handed his necklace over to Carlos as he sent his comrade down a manhole into the sewers for safety while he provided a distraction from above, declaring one death to be better than two.[3][excerpt 2]

After escaping a battle between William Birkin and a Tyrant in the sewer facility, Carlos found a transformed Jeff among the zombies moving around the facility. Jeff also recognised Carlos, extending his arm out to examine the crucifix his handed to Carlos. Carlos placed a gun to his best friend's head and finally built up the courage to shoot him.[1]


  1. "His best friend.........Jeff" (Chinese: 是他的摯友………謝夫; Pinyin: Shì tā de zhìyǒu………xiè fu)
  2. "Go! One death is better than two deads." (Chinese: 走!一個死好過兩個死。; Pinyin: Zǒu! Yīgè sǐ hǎoguò liǎng gè sǐ.)
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