"There's a design of the sun and the moon. On the plate it says, "Sunshine will awaken me.""
— Item examination.

The Jewelry Box is a key item in Resident Evil, exclusive to the 2002 remake and its variations.


Mask w'out all

There was a mask inside.

The box contain one of the Death masks which is used to release the coffin on the underground section behind the entrance hall. To unlock the box you must press the two buttons which resemble a heart shape. One is on the box's front; the other is on the back. Inside, the Mask without eyes, nose, or mouth. is revealed.


Armor room (5)

The Jewelry Box location.

The box is located in the Armor room, placed inside a small depression on the second floor of Spencer Mansion. The armor puzzle must be solved in order for the Box to be obtained.




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