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Forest is Found - Jill and Barry version (remake)01:10

Forest is Found - Jill and Barry version (remake)

Jill and Barry find Forest (tentative) is a cutscene in the 2002 remake of Resident Evil.



Barry Burton: "Jill! Don't scare me."

Jill Valentine: "Speak for yourself, Barry. What are you doing here?"

Barry: "Yeah, well... You should take a look at this."

Barry: "It's Forest."

Jill: "What could’ve done this to him?"

Barry: "God only knows... but I’m going to find out what did this to him. Jill,
could you investigate other areas?"

Jill: "Yeah, sure."

Barry: "Jill... This is no longer useful to Forest. We don’t know what’s going
to happen... Take it with you."

Barry: "I still can’t believe it..."

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