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Resident Evil cutscene J1 - "Jill enters the mansion"00:54

Resident Evil cutscene J1 - "Jill enters the mansion"

Jill enters the mansion‏‎ (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil.



Barry: "What is this?"

Albert: "What a mansion!"

Jill: "Captain Wesker, where's Chris?"

Albert: "Stop it! Don't open that door!"

Jill: "But Chris is--"

Barry: "What is it?"

Albert: "Maybe it's... Chris..."
"Now, Jill--Can you go?"

Barry: "I'm going with you."
"Chris is our old partner, ya' know."

Albert: "Okay. Let me handle this."
"Stay alert!"

Barry: ここは...

Albert: すごい館だな

Jill: ウエスカー クリスは?

Albert: よせ! 外は危険だ!

Jill: でもクリスが...

Barry: 何だ

Albert: クリスか!?
ジル 行つてくれるか?

Barry: 俺も行くぜ

Albert: 気を許すなよ
では私はここを しておく

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