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Jill finds Wesker (tentative) is a cutscene in the original Resident Evil.


After defeating Plant 42 in the Guardhouse, Jill Valentine bumps into Captain Wesker. He explains that he disappeared earlier because he was confronted by creatures. Wesker then orders Jill to return to the mansion and check the last few unexplored rooms for any clues as to the strange goings on.


Jill Valentine: "Wesker!"
Albert Wesker: "Jill... so you're safe."
Jill: "That's what I was going to say."
"Where on earth have you been? You disappeared from the hall all of a sudden."
Wesker: "I'm sorry, but I have my reasons."
"Perhaps you guys have met them?"
"It was all I could do to protect myself against those... strange creatures."
Jill: "Is that right? Anyway, it's good to see you're safe."
Albert: "Jill, our first priority is to get out of here."
Jill: "Yes, you're right."
Wesker: "Now there are a lot of rooms in that mansion that we can't get into because they're locked up."
"I have been looking around for clues..."
Jill: "Okay, I'll go to the other house and see if I can find any clues."
Wesker: "Will you do that? I'm counting on you."

Jill Valentine: ウエスカー!
Albert Wesker: ジル    無事だつたか
Jill: それはごつをのセリフよ
Wesker: すまなかつた
Jill: そうなの まあ
Albert: だが とりあえず脱出が先だ
Jill: そうね
Wesker: あの館にはカギがかかつて
Jill: 私も何かあつたら
Wesker: |ああ そうしてくれ

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