Jim plays dead is an article in Resident Evil Recollections. It was uploaded on 5 January 2017.


Although upbeat, Jim is an unusually cowardly character for a game like Resident Evil Outbreak. He also tends to talk a little too much for my tastes...

Jim works for the city subway, and was also at J's bar when the outbreak started, forcing him into a survival situation with the rest of the team.
He's unremarkable when it comes to offence, but his unheroic Play Dead skill has to be one of the more unique moves in the game.

His unique item is the Coin, which can raise the chance of a critical hit, and all in all I feel like he's a character that requires perhaps a little more inventiveness to use properly.
That being said, back in the day if there was one survivor left when playing online, more often than not it was Jim.

I could swear players would mock you by playing dead with Jim next to your corpse sometimes...

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