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John Clemens was an employee of Umbrella and operated as the successor of William Birkin as the chief researcher of the Arklay Laboratory, a top secret laboratory built beneath a mansion façade.


Initially a researcher in the Chicago branch of Umbrella, Clemens was transferred to the Arklay Laboratory in 1994 as the successor of William Birkin. He began to voice his disapproval over Umbrella's experiments, but was threatened to stay in line. He became the lover of Ada Wong, a spy sent by The Organization.[1]

When James Marcus unleashed the t-Virus upon the Umbrella facilities in the vicinity of Raccoon Forest, including the Spencer Mansion,[2] John, along with all other Umbrella personnel, became victims of the virus; they all became zombies in the following Mansion Incident. John wrote one final letter to Ada, instructing her to take the evidence of Umbrella's experiments and expose them to the public. She never read the letter because she was not in Raccoon City at the time.

Ada kept a picture of John with her on a mission during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. She later learned of John's death through researcher Annette Birkin who stated that he "became one of those zombies" in the Mansion Incident. Annette was also able to find a relationship between Ada and John through her knowledge of John's computer password: ADA.[3]

Further NotesEdit

  • In S.D. Perry's novelization of Resident Evil, John is given the surname "Howe".[4] It should be noted that the S.D. Perry novels have their own separate canon outside of the games, and should not be used as fact when referring to characters in the games.
  • John appears as "John Marcus" in George A. Romero's unproduced Resident Evil movie script, and is killed in the opening. His relationship with Ada is maintained.
  • Hideki Kamiya had an idea for including him in the scenario of the second game, where he would give an anti t-Virus weapon to the main character to defeat the Tyrant at the end of the game. Ultimately this never went beyond the idea stage.[5]


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