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George A. Romero
(Rejected movie script)

Dr. John Marcus was an Umbrella researcher caught up in the viral outbreak in Raccoon City. He was in a relationship with Ada Wong, another researcher.


Marcus was credited with the creation of the T-virus as a major scientific breakthrough, hoping to use it for humanitarian reasons.[1] Umbrella, due to its very handsome military contracts, prevented him from knowing about its use in biological weapons research.[2]

He reported the leak from lab "A", and advised the quarantine of the entire complex before being killed by a zombie.[3] Unaware of his death, S.T.A.R.S. was sent to the Arkley Mansion with orders to retrieve him as a high-priority asset, given he was the person who knew it best.[4] In reality, there was no antidote, and they were only to retrieve him as a means of helping Colonel Wesker obtain data on the Tyrant B.O.W.[5]

Further notesEdit

The "John Marcus" character was present in George A. Romero's first draft for Resident Evil. He was based on "John Clemens".


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