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Jon was an employee of Umbrella, and operated at the Arklay Laboratory; a top secret laboratory built beneath a mansion façade.


John was known to have had some involvement with Umbrella HQ, as Oswell E. Spencer personally assigned him to hide the Imitation of a key in a place "where no one could find it", an order that he fulfilled by making the groundskeeper hide it in the collar of one of the mansion's vicious Dobermans likely used to guard the estate.[1]

In exchange, John offered to get him in return "a certain item he had always wanted to get hold on", but both the item or if he ever received it, remains unknown.[1]

When James Marcus unleashed the t-Virus upon the Umbrella facilities in the vicinity of Raccoon Forest, including the Spencer Mansion,[2] John; along with all other Umbrella personnel, became victims of the virus and John turned into a zombie in the following Mansion Incident.


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