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Journalist's Note
Resident Evil 2 and 3 - File (packet of papers)
Japanese:Reporter's Memo (新聞記者の手帳 shinbun kisha no techō?)
Room:Interrogation Room B
Map:Police Station 1F
Appears in:Resident Evil 2 (N64 only)
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Journalist's Note is a file in Resident Evil 2. It is one of the EX Files exclusive to the Nintendo 64 version of the game.


The file can be found on the center of the table in the interrogation room B. This file is only present in the "A" scenario.


As I write this, my hands shake with both anger and fear. The civilians of the town have been blockaded by the military. And though I sigh for the survivors of the town, I still feel that it's the best decision. They cannot take the chance of the disease spreading any further.

I am going to make it my top priority to discover what has caused this incredibly dangerous incident. So far, I have only found out that the disease is not airborne.


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