"What is this?"
— Moira upon revealing a Kafka Drawing.

Kafka drawing

A Kafka Drawing.

Kafka Drawings are hidden paintings in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. They can be found with Moira Burton's flashlight, and focusing on them will make them visible permanently. Finding all in an episode will earn the player a "Sketch Artist" record and a secret file. Finding all in the campaign will reward the player the "Curator" record and a Raid Mode gesture.

Locations Edit

There are six Kafka Drawings in each episode.

Episode 1: Penal ColonyEdit

  1. In a storeroom against the ladder when the Experiment Block Key is recovered.
  2. In the room where Moira gets the crowbar.
  3. I the large storeroom where the player can first open crates (receiving a tutorial guide in the first attempt). It is painted onto the wall against the east door. 
  4. In the storeroom an Afflicted runs out of when Moira activats the traps. It is near the ground.
  5. Immediately upon going outside, look up to the outer wall - a drawing should be right above the gate.
  6. On the bridge's wall at the Radio Tower side. Check the right-side of the bridge after crossing to find it on the boards.

Episode 2: ContemplationEdit

  1. On the sign of the Wossek.
  2. On the far side of the helicopter, on its tail.
  3. In the sewers Moira, Claire, and Neil explore, it can be found opposite the stairs at the end.
  4. On the blue gate in the area where you first encounter the Orthrus to the right of the door.
  5. In the first building Natalia is followed in to, look on the wall to the right of the second Sploder encounter. The drawing is close to the ceiling and quite small.
  6. After meeting Natalia with Moira and Claire, check the ceiling of the staircase before the Vulcanblubber encounter area to find the final drawing.

Episode 3: JudgmentEdit

  1. On the wall to the right of the shutter at the start of the level.
  2. In the second building of of the meat factory.
  3. Against the entrance to the sewers after the factory explodes.

Episode 4: MetamorphosisEdit

Further notesEdit