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Perry universe
(Covers information from the S.D. Perry novels)

Karen Driver was a member of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, a special Police team, operating in its Exeter branch in Maine. Attached to their 'Alpha team', Karen was recruited for her forensics expertise.[1]

Caliban Cove

She participated in the raid against the Umbrella facility in Caliban Cove. She was infected with the t-Virus after touching a spot of dried blood on a gurney and then scratching her eye and subsequently turns into a zombie. Karen eventually becomes a regular zombie, unlike the Tri-squads.

She dies at Caliban Cove when she gets disposed of by Dr. Nicolas Griffith in order to be replaced by a more fitting, stronger and robuster "specimen", Steve Lopez. She carried an old Hand Grenade for luck, which is used by Rebecca Chambers and Captain David Trapp when they become trapped, along with John Andrews.


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