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Further notes

Lupo is described as the "Assault" class.

"A former French Special Forces Op, Karena 'Lupo' Lesprous specializes in weaponry. Lured by money, Lupo joined Umbrella and leads Wolfpack. Her knowledge in the field makes her highly trusted by her team. She looks out for them, like a wolf looks out for her cubs, which has made the team affectionately call her 'Wolf Mother'."

Lupo's brutal kill is her delivering a powerful punch to the targeted enemy that knocks them back, along with any other enemy in the vicinity.

Her defaultly selected primary weapon in the character selection menu and when controlled by AI will be the Assault Rifle.

When reviving a dead teammate she will say "Be careful mon ami/amie".

Her alternate color in the USS Wolfpack Uniforms DLC is a red mask and parts of her costume white.


Ability Description Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Passive Abilities
Body Armor
Body Armor
Body Armor reduces the damage you receive from bullets by [x]% 10%
[750 XP]
[2000 XP]
[5000 XP]
Quick Reload
Quick Reload
Quick Reload speeds up the time it takes to reload your weapon by [x]% 33%
[750 XP]
[2000 XP]
[5000 XP]
Active Abilities
Incendiary Rounds
Incendiary Rounds
(ability button) allows you to fire rounds for [x] seconds that set enemies on fire. It is most effective against infected enemies. The ability restores after [30] seconds. 10 seconds
[750 XP]
12.5 seconds
[2000 XP]
15 seconds
[5000 XP]
Guns N Blazin
Guns A' Blazin'
Guns A' Blazin' allows you to expel an infinite amount of ammo for [x] seconds. Accuracy and recoil are both improved by [x]% per shot. The cool down time is [45] seconds. 10 seconds; 33%
[750 XP]
12.5 seconds; 50%
[2000 XP]
15 seconds; 67%
[5000 XP]
Super Soldier
Super Soldier
(ability button) nullifies the next [x] hits. Damage dealt and weapon accuracy are increased by [x]% for a duration of [x] seconds. The ability restores after [60] seconds. 3 hits; 10% for 8 seconds
[1250 XP]
4 hits; 30% for 10 seconds
[3000 XP]
5 hits; 50% for 12 seconds
[6000 XP]


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