"Kevin: Opening" is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak.[1]


September 24 draws to a close in Raccoon City and J's Bar is busy as ever. Kevin Ryman stands at the bar, across from the bartender Will. A television in the corner of the bar broadcasts a report on the riot that happened at the stadium that day during the Raccoon Sharks game, where 50 officers from the Raccoon City Police Department were called in to control the situation.

A stray rat scurries across the floor and startles waitress Cindy Lennox, causing her to drop a glass on the floor. She catches the attention of security guard Mark Wilkins, who is showing concern over his co-worker Bob's sickly appearance. Suddenly, a disheveled customer walks into the bar and stands in the doorway. Mark comments on the customer just as Bob falls off of the bar stool and onto the ground. Mark tends to him immediately.

Will walks over to the customer and is immediately attacked. He is bitten twice on the shoulder before he can wrestle the man out of the bar. He locks the door and slumps to the floor. Kevin goes to investigate as several zombies press themselves against the show window, startling him.


NEWS ANCHOR: There was a disruption earlier at today's football match between the Raccoon Sharks and the Old Court Thunders. Apparently the game was interrupted when an unruly fan got out of control and sparked a riot. The number of injured is not yet known, but more than 50 broke the line before the cops could take control of the scene...

MARK: Aren't you eating anything? Hey Bob, where's your mind at?

BOB: ... What?

WILL: Huh... ? What a weird customer...

MARK: Who is this guy?
Dammit! He's unconscious. Are you alright?

WILL: What are you doing?!

キャスター: 本日のラクーン・シャークスの試合で暴動が発生しました

マーク: 食べないのか?
おいボブ 大丈夫か

ボブ: …あ?

ウイル: …? 客にしちゃ妙だな…

マーク: なんだアイツは

ウイル: 何するんだ!

NEWS ANCHOR: Today, a riot broke out during the Raccoon Sharks game. In the middle of the match, one fan began fighting with others in the stadium and the situation spiraled out of control. Currently, the number of casualties are still unknown, but more than 50 police officers were called in to control the situation...

MARK: You aren't eating anything? Hey Bob, are you alright?

BOB: ... What?

WILL: Hm... ? That customer is really strange...

MARK: Who is this guy?
Hey! Bob, what's wrong? Pull yourself together!

WILL: What are you doing?!

Further notesEdit

  • In the localization, an opposing sports team called the "Old Court Thunders" are introduced. Mark also calls out that Bob is unconscious after falling from the bar stool. Neither pieces of information exist in the original Japanese script.
  • Two versions of the cutscene exist. While playing the "Outbreak" scenario, the scene is shown in its entirety. The version of the opening found in Collection cuts the scenes with Mark and Bob, focusing solely on Kevin and Will's encounter with the zombie.


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