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Kevin Ryman is one of the eight playable base characters in Resident Evil Outbreak and the fastest one in the game (1.05 movement speed).

Using Kevin


Of the eight protagonist, Kevin is the fastest and can withstand more attacks than some others before needing medicine, second only to Mark with regards to durability. He can also fire weapons faster and with less recoil. However, the downside to using Kevin is that he has a faster infection rate (third fastest out of all eight), balancing him out.

Kevin has three physical abilities in the game: Pot-Shot; Kick and Elbow Tackle

  • Pot-shot ability greatly increases the power of Handgun shots he executes. Taking time to aim will make Kevin readjust his stance, enabling him to deal more than twice the damage in a single shot. This ability also applies to Magnums, making Kevin devastating against bosses. Take note that this ability can only be utilized when aiming straight ahead, aiming upwards or downwards disables it. Alyssa Ashcroft also possesses this ability, albeit weaker.
  • Kick allows players to knock back approaching zombies or doors quickly. This proves useful for preparing pot-shot attacks or breaking down doors without a weapon. Take note that a missed kick will induce a delay/recovery animation.
  • Elbow Tackle is exclusive to File 2 and is useful for knocking down zombies, sending them tumbling some distance away. It can only be used if Kevin does not have any equipped weapon.


Like all characters in Resident Evil Outbreak, Kevin starts each scenario with a fifth inventory space containing a Personal Item that cannot be removed, and starts in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 with an extra item in the main inventory.

Kevin's Personal Item is the .45 Auto, a handgun more powerful than the standard in the game. Possessing this item gives the player an advantage early in the game, especially when Kevin's Pot Shot ability is used. However, .45 Auto Magazines are scarce. Therefore, players must only use the .45 Auto until they find a standard Handgun. In Resident Evil Outbreak File 2, Kevin starts each scenario with .45 Auto Magazines, allowing the weapon to be used for a longer time.


Like the other characters, the game scenarios offer particular benefits to playing Kevin, both in terms of items and in extra story. The "desperate times" scenario has the most benefits for Kevin, but he can also converse with the injured police officer on the hospital roof during "The Hive" to gain an item.

In the "desperate times" scenario, Kevin can talk to the dying Tony character in the dog kennels, giving the two conversation dialogue; to other characters he appears already dead. His ending cutscene also shows footage of him talking to Rita rather than the typical monologue, and comes with an extra sequence. In terms of gameplay advantages in this scenario, Kevin has access to a police desk containing the Magnum Handgun. Kevin can also open his own personal locker, which even Alyssa Ashcroft cannot do. In addition, Kevin can also find Leon S. Kennedy's resume in the East Office.

Partner characters

In Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 players can freely pick their own partners for their character, with the catch being that some characters like or hate the player's character. Kevin is on good terms with George Hamilton and Yoko Suzuki, and so they are more likely to help him and be nearby. Kevin is on bad terms with Mark Wilkins, however, and help may be rejected by him.[1]

Kevin as an AIPC

AI Kevin character will only use his Special Kick move when he's out of ammo. He will also always choose his .45 handgun over other weapons unless the player requests him to use others but will change back to his gun some time later. He tends to waste his .45 ACP ammunition by firing rapidly at enemies instead of performing pot-shot attacks.

As an AI, Kevin will be a chatty individual, talking to the player, making comments about the situation (making jokes about them as seen when the survivors discover the identity of the Leech Zombie). He will stay close to the player, rarely leaving the same room to explore on his own. Like Jim, they will curse at the zombies and other enemies when hurt and unlike most of the AI characters, he will go look for zombies to fight (which most cases are easy to avoid). He will race a player for items.

After defeating Nyx in the End of the Road scenario, if the player chooses Kevin or Cindy as the player, and have the other as a partner, both will have an intimate ad lib conversation with Kevin asking Cindy what she will do now since she's out of a job.



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