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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Kierling‏‎ was a warehouse district on Sushestvovanie Island, located against the island's city. The district contained at least three factories: an abbatoir; a meat locker, and a wine cellar.


This warehouse district was heavily modified by Alex Wesker during her governorship of the island, much to the protests of the workers.[citation needed] The factory housing the meat locker became known as "Hell" (Russian: Ад) to its workforce, who graffitied the building with the word.

When Alex abducted members of TerraSave, the winery was rigged to catch fire once the subjects gained access. It soon after exploded.


Further notesEdit

The Kierling's name is a Kafka reference. Kafka died in the Kierling area of Klosterneuburg, Austria.


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