"The autonomous zone of Kijuju, where the events of Resident Evil 5 unfolded. The settlement here was virtually wiped out by a bioterror Plaga infection. This map, with its open areas and webbed underground passages, is the biggest map of the game, allowing players to experience unique battle situations."
— Official website description

Kijuju Autonomous Zone, District 12

Kijuju Autonomous Zone, District 12 (キジュジュ自治区12区域 kijuju jichi-ku 12 kuiki?) is a map playable in the 2016 online shooter, Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps. It is a wholly original map, set in Kijuju Autonomous Zone in Kijuju, a city appearing in Resident Evil 5.


The only confirmed enemy in this map is the Town Majini, hosting a Type 2 Plaga.


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