(The SkyWalker Comics mythos)
Kinky girls - true form

Two "Kinky girls" in their true form. One is saying "'Damn, kill it!" (Chinese: 媽的, 殺呀!; Pinyin: Mā de, shā ya!

The "kinky girls" (Chinese: 淫娃; Pinyin: Yín wá) were a group of mutants who resided below the death castle.


The kinky girls are capable of transforming between a human-like form and a more withered-looking form with glowing green eyes and claws.

The kinky girls were able to lure people into a false sense of security with their highly sexualised costumes. A gas described as an "aphrodisiac fog" (是催情迷霧) could be pumped into their dungeon to arouse intended victims, who could safely be killed while distracted.


Biohazard 0 VOL.4 - pages 30 and 31

Billy and Rebecca dropped into their sex dungeon by accident while escaping a monster in the death castle. There, they were busy pouring hot wax onto a man in an executioner's mask, possibly a victim. Discovering the two, the fog was pumped into the room to confuse them. Billy resisted his urge to rape Rebecca (who quickly fell under the fog's influences after he ripped her shirt off) and turned his attention to the girls, instead. The first of whom, a green-haired woman wearing a latex mask, was killed by his "kiss of death", in which the T-virus infected man tore her head apart by biting into her mouth.[1][2]


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