Further notes

The Kipepeo has a hitpoint range of 100-1000 points.[1]


The Kipepeo attacks by wrapping their tentacle around their victims neck in an attempt to strangle them. If the victim has already sustained significant injury, the tentacle will instead snap the neck. Kipepeos will also try to avoid being shot at. When the player targets a Kipepeo, it will likely move sideways in order to avoid taking damage, making it somewhat complicated to successfully shoot and kill.


The Kipepeo can be quickly defeated, like all other plagas, with the use of flash grenades or flash rounds. Both the head and wings are its weakspots. Another weakness of the Kipepeo is their inability to perform indoors or interior areas. If a Majini carrying Kipepeo suffers a killing blow while inside a building, it will only be decapitated and the Kipepeo will not emerge from the host's body. A more typical method in preventing a Kipepeo from emerging are the instant kill melee attacks performed on a stunned Majini carrying the parasite by Chris Redfield's neck breaker and Sheva Alomar's throat slit attacks.



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