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The kitchen (厨房 Chūbō?)[1] is a large room in the Spencer Mansion. It is fully stocked and was used to prepare meals for employees that lived at the Spencer Mansion. A great deal of meat from an "Unidentified Source" which is possibly human.


The front door near the kitchen is a large refrigerator. Beside the refrigerator is a cabinet containing spices. There's also a meat on top of the table, possibly human. The room also connected through the elevator that reaching to two different room; 1F Elevator Stairway and 2F Elevator Room.



In either Chris/Jill's scenario, this kitchen can only be access through the underground passage. If player decided to exit the kitchen, a cutscene will play showing a zombie walking down the stair and enters this room.

Another zombie lay near the elevator, it will attack should player approach it.


Kitchen (3)

Zombie walking through the 1F Elevator stairs. (Remake)

Unlike the original version, this kitchen can be enter immediately through the tea room and pass the first floor elevator. The underground passage and the basement elevator cannot be access, until player return here from the Dormitory. There is a dead corpse lies in between the path toward the elevator, player can use the fuel canteen to dispose it before it turns into a crimson head.


Location Localization Original script
The cabinet at the southwest corner A bunch of spices you've never seen before.
The elevator (before power is restored) The power doesn't seem to be turned on.
The top-right corner of the kitchen The dishes are crawling with maggots.
The food on the table A piece of meat from an unidentified source.
The elevator (After the power is restored) Use the elevator? Yes/No






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