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Wildstorm universe
(Covers information from the D.C. comics)

Klaus was an Umbrella agent partnered with the silent Mr. Venk. He was distinguished by a wide-brimmed hat, a fur-lined overcoat and a monocle which he wore over his right eye. Unlike the silent, thuggish Venk, Klaus was a very intelligent and crafty individual, not to mention quite verbose. On a routine inspection of one of Umbrella's storage warehouses, the agent noticed that a G-Virus sample had gone missing, and interrogated two security guards about the matter. One of them confessed to having seen a teenage boy in the room.

The agent thanked the guards for their cooperation, then had Venk kill both of them. The agents then took it upon themselves to track the boy down. Their search led them to Pine Grove Academy, where they discovered that the boy they were after was Dexter Whitlam. Rifling through Dexter's notebooks, the senior agent was impressed with the young boy's scientific notes. Afterwards the pair found an empty syringe containing traces of G-Virus. Concluding that Dexter had administered the virus into himself, the two agents tracked him to the Academy's gymnasium.

There, they arrived in time to witness the death of Kelly Thorndike at the hands of the mutated Dexter. As Dexter was also about to kill another student, Venk subdued him using a large stun gun. Musing that Dexter was "a fine specimen," the agent and his partner took the boy to a hospital. There, an indeterminate amount of time later, after Dexter had been (mostly) cured of his hideous mutation, the monocle-wearing agent explained how impressed he was with everything Dexter had done, and offered him employment with Umbrella.[1]



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