The L-shaped corridor (L字型廊下 L jikei rōka?)[1] is an area of the Spencer Mansion.


It is an L-shaped corridor that is brightened up by Chandeliers. The entire wall on both sides is decorated with various wallpaper. The entire floor is covered by runners. Several glass cabinets are placed against the wall, containing creepy items in them.

In the 2002 Remake, the corridor was redesigned. While the wall is decorated with the wallpaper, the floor was made with black and white tiles. The corridor itself is lightened up by several chandeliers. Several glass cabinets are placed against the wall, the nearest to the exhibition room entry contain various sculptures and different potteries, while the others, near the turn, contain ornamental plates.



As the player passes through the corridor, two Cerberus will crash in through the windows and attack. One handgun clip can found under the cabinet, nearest to the north east corridor entry. Player can push the cabinet aside to obtain it.

Upon returning here from the Dormitory, two Web Spinners will be present.


The player's first trip through the corridor will not result in the dogs crashing through the window as in the original; instead, the glass will merely crack from their outside impact - playing with the expectations of those who played the original. However, upon re-entering the corridor from the other direction, two Cerberus will burst in, one from each window.

Later, two Web Spinners will stalk around the corridor.



Resident Evil
Location Localization Original script
The Cabinet Creepy stuff.
Resident Evil
The cabinet near the door to the Exhibition room Various sculptures and bits of pottery.
The painting in the southeast corner A picture of the mansion suspended in darkness.
The cabinet at the southeast corner There's nothing here but a bunch of ornamental plats.







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