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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

"Muthafucka please! Look, my Shit is custom!"

Lloyd Jefferson Wayne (also known as L.J.) was a former Wal-Mart employee and an unwitting survivor of the Raccoon City incident and global outbreak. L.J. became an anti-Umbrella renegade that worked alongside Carlos Olivera and Jill Valentine to bring down the Umbrella Corporation.


Raccoon CityEdit

"GTA Motherfucker! Yeah, 10 Points!"
— After hitting an Undead with a car.

After having been arrested and taken to the Raccoon Police Station, L.J. was handcuffed to a bench with a prostitute. Though at first he assumed she was simply tired, he soon saw that she too had become an Undead. All that had saved him from being bitten and infected was the timely arrival of Jill Valentine to the precinct. She freed him and advised the whole station to leave town.

L.J. intended to do just that; however, he never made it to Raven's Gate Bridge. While driving through the deserted city, he encountered many Undead. Distracted by two female Undead prostitutes, he crashed his car and was forced to flee on foot. After wandering for a time, he found himself holed up inside the Westwood Theatre, with the surviving members of S.T.A.R.S. - the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad. There, he witnessed the massacre of the S.T.A.R.S. members by the Nemesis. L.J on the ground. managed to survive at the last moment by dropping his Gold Plated Desert Eagles. This caused Nemesis to re-designate him from "Armed Civilian" to "Noncombatant", which was outside his attack parameters. The literal-minded Tyrant ignored the cowering man and resumed his search for more S.T.A.R.S. members.

Later in the night, L.J. once again encountered Jill Valentine, with Terri Morales. He agreed to help them search for Angela Ashford. The trio made their way to Raccoon City Junior School. While searching the school, L.J. met up with Carlos Olivera, a mercenary with the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.) that Anderson had left to die within the city.

Reuniting with Jill, and meeting Angela and Alice for the first time, L.J. accompanied them to Raccoon City Hall, along the way hearing the Alice's story. Upon arriving at City Hall, L.J. realized that the helicopter they were taking out of the soon-to-be-bombed city was the transport intended for the Nemesis. The group was taken captive by Major Timothy Cain, and Alice was forced to fight the Nemesis. But all hell broke loose when Matt Addison's personality re-asserted itself, and the captives were able to escape. A panicked Cain ordered the pilot to take off, but was met with a right hook from L.J.

L.J. survived the bombing of Raccoon City, as well as the subsequent helicopter crash in the Arklay Mountains. Three weeks later, he joined Jill, Carlos and Angela as headed for the laboratory of Dr. Alexander Isaacs to rescue Alice.


As the t-Virus spread and ravaged the planet, L.J. and Carlos joined a convoy led by Claire Redfield. L.J. had a relationship with another convoy survivor, the nurse Betty, and was deeply saddened by her death. During a supply raid on a motel, L.J. was attacked and bitten by a female Undead, thus becoming infected.

Zombie L.J

L.J as an Undead.

Keeping his condition a secret from the others, he held on to life until the convoy reached the ruins of Las Vegas, where he briefly participated in the battle against the Super Undead. In the end, he finally succumbed to his infection, and attacked an unsuspecting K-Mart, who was saved in time by Carlos. Unfortunately, Carlos got bitten by L.J. in the process, and after realizing there was nothing else he could do, he finally shot L.J. in the head, killing him for good.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Edit

L.J. was among the names mentioned by Alice in attempt to get an amnesiac Claire to remember her past; the other names mentioned included Carlos and Mikey.[2]

Further notesEdit

  • In extended scenes from Resident Evil: Apocalypse, L.J. recognized Terri Morales and asked for her autograph, what it takes to be on TV, and it was hinted that he developed a crush on her.
  • In a deleted scene from Resident Evil: Extinction, L.J. reveals to Betty that he used to be a woman's shoe department worker in Wal-Mart. He states that even the Undead taking over the world was better than working there.[3]
  • Rapper/actor Snoop "Doggie" Dogg was originally meant to play L.J.,[4] but dropped out and was replaced by Mike Epps.
  • In Resident Evil Extinction's second draft script, LJ was originally meant to play a much bigger role. He was to be more similar to Carlos. He lives throughout the entire script and accompanies Alice into the underground Umbrella lab and even destroys Isaacs by activating the laser grid.[5]
  • Though victims of the T-virus become Undead in a matter of hours as a result of exposure, it took L.J. more than one day to have degraded into an Undead, which is the longest time of any victim shown throughout the film series. In the first movie, it is stated that the time of infection varies from person to person, possibly explaining this.

Gallery Edit


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