Extracanonical subject
(Unique game aspects not part of story canon)

"Let's do this!"
— Lady Hunk's intro in Raid Mode

LADY HUNK is a recurring bonus character who first appeared in the HD version of Resident Evil: Revelations's Raid Mode as a DLC costume for HUNK. She later appeared in Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Raid Mode as an outfit for Gina Foley. There she is functionally identical to Gina.

LADY HUNK is ostensibly a female version of HUNK, however as an extra character that solely appears in bonus modes, LADY HUNK is non-canon.

Gameplay Edit

Resident Evil: RevelationsEdit

Main article: HUNK/gameplay#Resident Evil: Revelations

LADY HUNK is a downloadable costume for HUNK, serving as his second costume. She comes equipped with a single ability: Magnum Mastery 4, which offers Magnum Reload Speed +100% and Magnum Firing Rate +70%.

Raid Mode stats
Costume Method of Unlocking Abilities
HUNK Costume 2 - LADY HUNK DLC Magnum Mastery 4
  • Magnum Reload Speed +100%
  • Magnum Firing Rate +70%

Resident Evil: Revelations 2Edit

Main article: Gina Foley/gameplay

In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, LADY HUNK is a costume for Gina Foley, with virtually no differences except for small voice modulation. As a Gina Foley costume, LADY HUNK comes with the Gesticulation ability, which causes gestures to damage nearby creatures.

Appearance wise, LADY HUNK has been slightly altered aesthetically in Revelations 2. Her ears are now sticking out of her helmet and her gloves have been removed. Oddly, her hands are a different skin colour than her legs.

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