The Labyrinth Tunnel (迷路坑道 Meiro kōdō?) is an area of the Courtyard.


The Labyrinth Tunnel is a passage leading to three different places; the Waste treatment plant, Underground confinement room and the Materials storage. There will be a two separate passage in the midway of the tunnel, the Underground confinement room is to the left and the Materials storage to the right. While heading toward the Materials storage, couple of barrel full of gunpowders and boxes can be seen.


Lisa Trevor will be encounter throughout the tunnel. Player can pull the lever located the passage to the Materials storage to hook up the mechanical hook to the Underground confinement room, enabling a flamethrower to be placed there and therefore releasing the locks of the door.

Player can also find Red and green herb by the going to the Underground confinement room path, and exploring the separated path, up the steps.


Location Localization Original script
The door to the Underground confinement room The door is locked.
Mechanical hook (Before the lever is pull) Some kind of mechanical hook. The hook is stuck inside the hole.
Mechanical hook (After the level is pull) Some kind of mechanical hook. It looks like the door will unlock if you put something special on it.
The lever There's some kind of lever here. Pull it? Yes/No
The barrels The barrels are full of gunpowder. But it's so damp here that they're probably of no use.