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Lament ~ Failure is a track in the Biohazard 0 Best Track Collection, an album only sold as part of the biohazard SOUND CHRONICLE. It also re-appeared in Ten Years of Resident Evil - The Official Soundtrack.

Music informationEdit

The music, due to where it is played, contains a piano mix. It has an overall similar melody to Lament ~ Success. However, it's done off-key. The ending has a brief piano chord (referring to how Rebecca slammed her hands on the keys in frustration).

In-game usageEdit

As implied by the title, this is the song played in the cutscene Piano 2 in Resident Evil Zero.


Preceded by
Lament ~ Success
biohazard 0 Best Track Collection

March 2005
Succeeded by
Chapel Main Theme
Preceded by
Lament ~ Success
Ten Years of Resident Evil - The Official Soundtrack
March 2007
Succeeded by
ZERO ver.2

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