Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The 2013 Lanshiang bioterror incident was a major attack on the Chinese cities of Waiyip and Tatchi in the coastal Lanshiang region. The attack was perpetrated by Neo Umbrella and coincided with another attack in the American city of Tall Oaks. The attack consisted of two waves; in Waiyip armed seized the navy port and were able to launch devastating attacks. Tatchi meanwhile was left unharmed until a surprise missile attack released the C-Virus in a cloud of ash, transforming thousands into zombies.


After the collapse of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission in 2004, the American military began to take a back seat to counter-terror operations with the Bioterror Security Assessment Alliance taking over international responsibilities on behalf of the United Nations. The American National Security Adviser, Derek C. Simmons, resented the loss of influence the United States suffered. Further, he and his fraternal organization, The Family, feared that President Adam Benford's willingness to declassify the US military's historic support for Umbrella bioweaponry that contributed to the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident would eliminate any trust in the United States as a global power. To restore this lost prestige, Simmons and The Family made plans to assassinate Benford before he could reveal the information. Simmons' plan succeeded in preventing the president from telling the truth about Raccoon City. However all of Simmons' attempts to prevent chaos from spreading were ruined when Neo Umbrella claimed responsibility for the attack and started a worldwide bioterrorist attack.

Lanshiang was picked by Neo Umbrella leader Carla Radames as an ideal site of an attack due to the two cities' crowded nature. A laboratory was set up in Tatchi in preparation for the attack while research into the C-Virus' effectiveness continued at the Marhawa Academy in 2011 and Edonia in 2012. In the lead-up to the attack, Neo Umbrella began offering "experimental drugs" to the people of Waiyip's slum district, Poisawan.

Waiyip attack

On 30 June, the newly-created J'avo, armed by Neo Umbrella with assault rifles and helicopters, were released onto the streets of Waiyip, causing mass panic. As they spread out further, they captured the Navy dockyard in Yuenmon and executed the entire crew of an aircraft carrier. With the Chinese military taken completely by surprise, the Bioterror Security Assessment Alliance made its way into the city as the primary combatant. Among their first actions was the rescuing of U.N. workers who were held hostage at a tenement building.[1][2] Soon after, Carla Radames, acting under the name Ada Wong, was spotted in the city and BSAA Captain Chris Redfield and Lieutenant Piers Nivans followed her to the Yuenmon dockyard, where she was shot by her allies in The Family, who had turned against the idea that bioterrorism could help regain US prestige.

Elsewhere in the city, DSO agent Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller escaped imprisonment at a J'avo controlled facility and drove their way into Waiyip's city centre to meet with Derek C. Simmons. In their journey they encountered DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy and Secret Service agent Helena Harper, who had traveled to China to track down Simmons. The real Ada Wong also made her way across the city in search of Carla,[3] and saved Sherry from a mutant before fighting what was left of Carla at the aircraft carrier.

Tatchi attack

At 23:29, Neo Umbrella received confirmation of Carla Radames' death and, per her instructions in that event, executed Plan D. A missile containing the C-Virus was launched from an aircraft carrier and detonated over the nearby city of Tatchi, dispersing the virus across the city. The citizens were taken entirely by surprise, as they had not fallen prey to the J'avo. Only a limited BSAA presence was in this city, and their operations were at the time limited to the slow evacuation of civilians to designated safe zones such as the Quad Tower.

Haos activation

The attack on Tatchi served as a distraction to the premature activation of Haos, a B.O.W. designed to to spread the C-Virus through the world's oceans. BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans reached the facility after receiving information that Jake and Sherry had been taken hostage and were at a rig in the ocean. Arriving at the rig, they found their way into Neo Umbrella's Seabed Laboratory. Sherry and Jake were released through the security system. The four finally met up at Haos' chamber as the facility began suffering from a power overload which threatened its structure. As the creature began to wake up, they were forced to split up once more. Chris and Piers engaged Haos on their way to a room full of diving bells to be used for evacuation. Piers was seriously injured and lost an arm; infecting himself with the C-Virus he was able to hold Haos back and save Chris, but chose to stay in the facility and die rather than risk losing his consciousness and devolving into a monster. Elsewhere, Jake and Sherry battled one of Carla's B.O.W.s, Ustanak, on their way to a supply train carrying cargo through a tunnel back to China.


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