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The Lanshiang bioterror outbreaks were two individual bioterrorist attacks that took place in June and July 2013 alongside a similar attack in the American city of Tall Oaks. The outbreak was triggered by the release of the newly developed C-Virus by Carla Radames, leader of the Neo-Umbrella terrorist organization.


Months before the attack officially began, Carla Radames, founder and leader of the terrorist organization Neo Umbrella, wanted to test the virus and contacted the "La Vita Nuova" rebels in Edonia, the organization that Jake Muller belonged to. She supplied them with medicaments that they believed stimulated their strength and stamina, but in reality was the C-virus. Every rebel member was infected and mutated except for Jake; who was immune to the virus due to genes he inherited from his late father, Albert Wesker.

During the global bioterror attacks, Lanshiang was being targeted by Neo Umbrella, infecting the city with the C-Virus via C-Virus laced missiles and the Haos project. However, the Haos project was halted when B.S.A.A. operatives Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans destroyed the Haos B.O.W. that was stationed in the secret Neo-Umbrella base deep underwater and the base became engulfed in flames.


Lanshiang was the third part in Neo Umbrella's attack on the world - the first being in the war-torn Eastern European state of Edonia in December 2012, with the second being in the small American town of Tall Oaks.

Initial attackEdit

Upon the release of the C-Virus and J'avo in the city, the UN-regulated Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance was sent into the city. Its first overall objective was to assist in the evacuation of UN dignitaries who had become trapped in the city.[1][2] While the BSAA primarily fought the armed J'avo, a Lepotica was released within the city at the start of the attack, given the (albeit small) presence of zombies.[3] At the night of June 30, at 23:29, Carla Radames was reportedly deceased.

Second attackEdit

On July 1, a missile was fired at Tatchi during the BSAA Echo Team's evacuation of the district. With so many people outside, the release of a highly concentrated cloud of the C-Virus led to thousands of civilians being infected within seconds of coming into contact with the fog. It was around this time that Haos, at its incomplete state, was forcefully awaken. The creature was defeated by BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans before it was able to spread the C-Virus.


The entire city was completely swallowed by the fog and as a result thousands of civilians became infected or devoured by the hordes of zombies, and the city and its properties were completely destroyed.


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