The large library is an area of 2F Spencer Mansion.


It is a large room with multiple rows of shelves, each filled with books. The library can be accessible through the second floor of the elevator room.

In the 2002 remake, the library has been drastically redesigned, with the addition of a second level connecting the room to the Statue Corridor. On the bottom floor, one of the library's many rows of bookshelves is protected by glass; while initially inaccessible, Yawn will later shatter the glass in its death throes, scattering the shelf's contents everywhere. It is here that the player will find the Last Book Vol. 2, which conceals the Wolf Medal.



In either Chris/Jill's scenario, the player will face two zombies. The first can be seen immediately upon entry, while the other is on the other side of the shelf. There is a locked desk which the player can open using either a Small Key (Chris) or the Lockpick (Jill) to open it. Inside its drawer are the magnum rounds.

There is also a shelf that can be moved aside, revealing an entry to a secret room.


LArge library (14)

Unlike the original version, the player cannot enter the library through the elevator room. Instead, this library can be accessed through the statue corridor located on the third floor, though require the Helmet Key. Through the dark corridor, player can find two green herbs on the floor before going further in.

LArge library (15)

The yawn dies.

As player reaches the library, a cutscene will play showing the yawn break through the window. Assuming Chris/Jill's role, player must descend through the ladder and face the yawn around the library. Once the yawn is defeated, it will slam one of the bookshelf before dying.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
The desk (Chris) The desk is locked.
The desk (Jill) The desk is locked. Will you use the LOCKPICK? Yes/No

(Yes) You have used the LOCKPICK.

Bookshelf Most of them are on biology and chemistry.
Resident Evil
Bookshelf near the door to the statue corridor A collection of philosophy books. They're all about the eternal question of life and death.
Messy bookshelf Old books have fallen from the shelf.
Chairs Chairs for browsing.
The door to the 2F elevator room The knob is broken. It doesn't look like it'll open.