Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Laura was a civilian living in Raccoon City at the time of the viral outbreak. She is found by the survivors unconscious and fatally injured in a room at the Apple Inn. Any survivor attempting to tend to her will note her severe injuries and comment that she is beyond help. She ultimately dies at some point and reanimates as a zombie.


Laura's character skin can only be accessed through cheat devices, such as GameSharks. She is an Alyssa-type character and starts with a First Aid Spray in her inventory.

Laura's stats are as follows:

  • Fast movement speed similar to that of Samuel's.
  • Weak Vitality (between 1300-1900).
  • Attack power similar to that of David King's.
  • And a slow Infection rate of 0.79% per minute.

Further notes

  • Laura's body can be found in the Room 305 side of the room Room 30*, and can be examined. Examining her yields the message; "There's a huge hole in her chest. She can't be saved anymore." Examining her twice, another message will show; "There's something in her pocket." The item found is an Anti-Virus (L) on every difficulty level. Upon close inspection, the player can notice that she is breathing, suggesting that she is not yet dead, but is mortally wounded.
  • Laura is also a template for zombies in the Outbreak series.
  • She is named Woman2 in Outbreak.