Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Le Chant de la Sirene was a restaurant located in the Promenade of the Queen Zenobia and its sister ship, the Queen Semiramis.[Note 1] It was located in the center of the Promenade, across from Café de Louvre. The restaurant was affected by the Queen Zenobia incident and was decimated with the rest of the ship in 2005.


During the t-Abyss virus outbreak on the Queen Zenobia and Queen Semiramis, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance passed through the Promenade during their investigation. Sometime prior to the BSAA's arrival, several Oozes had infiltrated the area through the air ducts.[1] BSSA agents Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani enter the restaurant while evading the Queen Zenobia's communications officer who had mutated into a Scagdead.


The building is two stories high and has a balcony. A neon sign with the name of the business hangs above the doorway. There is an exit on the second floor leading to the bridge. There is a storage room connected to the building that leads underneath the opposite bridge. A shutter near the entrance is closed and possibly serves as a Colombian Roastmasters Café storefront.[Note 2]



  1. The name of the restaurant is French and translates to "The Song of the Siren".
  2. The shutter cannot be a window, as a solid wall is built on the other side of the shutter.
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