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Leon Chapter 4 is a chapter of Leon Story in Resident Evil 6. Leon and Helena arrive in Lanshiang and, running into Jake, Sherry, Chris and Piers, discover Simmons's whereabouts and meet the leader of Neo Umbrella, Carla Radames — whom they believe is Ada Wong, making Leon torn about what to do.


When Leon and Helena at last arrive in China, they find panic in the streets as a bioterror attack is in full-swing. Amidst the chaos, however, Leon is reunited with fellow Raccoon City Incident-survivor Sherry Birkin. Now a federal agent, her current assignment is to protect Jake, the young man with her. It turns out, however, that Sherry's superior is none other than Simmons. Taken aback by Simmons' actions, Sherry reveals his location to Leon. Despite being separated in the ensuing fight, Leon promises to meet up with her again at Simmons' location.

On their way there, Leon and Helena catch sight of Ada, and attempt to get information out of her. However, at that very moment Chris of the BSAA shows up and, in a rage, accuses Ada of being the mastermind behind the attacks. Leon interjects, insisting that the real culprit is Simmons; as their argument reaches a boiling point guns are drawn, giving Ada an opportunity to escape. Leaving her capture to Chris and company, Leon and Helena head after Simmons.

The two agents arrive to face off with Simmons just ahead of Sherry and Jake. Determined to settle this very personal vendetta themselves, Leon and Helena make cover for the younger pair to escape, then proceed to attack. However, Simmons is injected with the C-Virus, endowing him with unspeakably powerful mutative abilities; a fierce battle ensues, with Leon and Helena narrowly putting an end to him. Simmons is defeated, and retribution for the deaths of President Benford, Deborah and countless others is had.

Just as the two agents begin to breathe a sigh of relief, they receive a transmission from Chris telling them to immediately escape the city. Looking to the sky reveals that it is already too late, as a missile explodes overhead,releasing gas that engulfs the city. It seems to the agents as if all hope is lost, as a tragedy greater than even Raccoon City or Tall Oaks unfolds before their eyes.


  • Shortly after meeting up with Chris, Leon and Helena had a cutscene where Carla was telling Simmons he's becoming the monster he always was. This happened in Chris' campaign right after he chased Carla into a tanker, defeat hoards of J'avo and a jet. This would have meant Chris and Piers did all that in an impossibly short period of time


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