"Despair that is repeated."
— Capcom description[1][notes 1]

The Leon Story is one of the four campaign scenarios present in Resident Evil 6. It has been said to be approximately 75% the length of Resident Evil 5's whole campaign.[citation needed]


The story begins in June, 2013, where President Adam Benford arrives at Ivy University in Tall Oaks to make a speech regarding bioterrorism, at which he intended to publically-release classified information regarding US-involvement in the Raccoon City Destruction Incident nearly fifteen years prior. During his visit, bioterrorists strike the university, with a Lepotica releasing a vapour cloud of C-Virus into the university's ventilation, infecting a large number of people. Leon S. Kennedy of the newly formed Division of Security Operations - an America-centric anti-bioterrorism organization separate from the B.S.A.A. - comes to the President's aid, though finds him already as a zombie, consuming the body of a recent victim. Getting up and preparing to eat one of his Secret Service agents, Helena Harper, Leon is forced to shoot his friend. Helena's acceptance of blame for the President's death makes Leon suspicious. Through Helena's call with Ingrid Hannigan, Leon announces the President's death, and is properly-introduced to Helena, who claims that the two of them have found a lead at the nearby church. Willing to work with her, despite her prior suspicions, Leon also lies about the lead to Hannigan. Leon and Helena work together to escape the zombie-infested campus and town to the aforementioned church, bringing some of the outbreak's survivors with them.


  1. Despair that is repeated (繰り返される絶望 Kurikaesareru zetsubō?)
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