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Leon meets Ben (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Leon S. Kennedy: "Let me guess. You must be Ben, right?"
"Get up. Now!"

Ben Bertolucci: "What do you want? I’m trying to sleep here!"

Leon: "Is this the guy?"

Ada Wong: "Ben?"
"You told the city officials that you knew something about what's going on. What did "you tell them?"

Ben: "And who the heck are you?"

Ada: "I'm trying to find my boyfriend, his name’s John."
"He was working for a branch office of Umbrella based in Chicago but he suddenly disappeared six months ago.
"I heard rumours he was here in the city."

Ben: "I don't know anything.
"And even if I did why would want to tell you?"

Leon: "Okay, I say we leave him in here."
"Anyone know where they put the key to this cell."

Ben: "I have it right here officer."
"But I'm not about to leave this cell."
"Those Zombies aren't the only things crawling around out there."

Leon: "What was that?"

Ben: "Like I said, I'm not leaving this Cell."

Ben: "Like I said: I'm not about to leave this cell."
Get out or you're gonna lead him right to me"
Leon:"Hey, I'm not going anywhere. I'm the only cop left alive in this building."

Ben: "What?"

Leon: "Look, if you wanna live then you'll have to leave with me."

Ben: "But, do you even know how to get out of the city?"
"There’s a kennel in the back of the building. Inside the kennel is a manhole. Go through and it will lead you to the sewer entrance, but it won’t be easy."

Ada: "Alright. I'm going."

Leon S. Kennedy: "おい    ベンだな?"

Ben Bertolucci: "何だ! 人が寝てんのに"

Leon: "見つけたぜ"

Ada Wong: "ベンね?"
"あなた    今回の事件についていろいろ知ってるらしいわね"

Ben: "誰だ    あんたら?"

Ada: "私    恋人を探しているのよ名前はジョン"

Ben: "知らねえな"
"知ってても    タダじゃない"

Leon: "こいつ…とにかく出ろ"

Ben: "ここだぜ    オマワリさん"
"だが    出る気はないぜ"

Leon: "今のは!?"

Ben: "…あれだ    俺は出ねえぜ"

Leon: "さあ行けよ    見つかっちまう"

Ben: "何?"

Leon: "いいか    死にたくなかったらいっしょに来るんだ"

Ben: "しかし…どうやって街を出る?"
"だが    楽じゃねえぜ"

Ada: "いいわ    やりましょう"

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