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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Further notes
Biological information
Based:Mutated human
Development information
Created via:C-Virus
Purpose:Spreading the infection
Gameplay information
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Lepotitsa is a Complete Mutation used as a B.O.W. intended to disperse an airborne form of the C-Virus around its immediate area, transforming interloped individuals into zombies. Its name comes from the Serbian word "Lepotica" (with the "C" being pronounced as "ts"), which is used to describe feminine beauty.


These creatures were created by Derek C. Simmons and his researchers as a Complete Mutation birthed from a Chrysalid. They originate from a failed attempt to replicate Ada Wong.

Several Lepotitsa are notable for being responsible for the outbreak of zombies in Tall Oaks.[1][2] Leon and Helena unwittingly released one of the creatures from the hidden chambers underneath the Tall Oaks Church and it immediately attacked and infected survivors who had taken refuge there. The two agents attempted to fend off the creature to try and prevent it from turning any other citizens into zombies. They also discovered the corpse of another Lepotitsa outside the holding cells in the underground laboratory. Another living Leopotitsa was encountered in the cockpit of the plane to Lanshiang by Leon and Helena; they were able to drive it off but the creature managed to infect the passengers. It was eventually shot out of the back of the plane's cargo deck. The same Lepotitsa was found dead in Lanshiang by Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin surrounded by corpses, though they made no note of it aside from the "smell of death." Ada walked past this same dead Lepotitsa moments earlier, with many zombies about, before getting attacked by Ubistvo as she tried to unlock the back door.


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