For the REmake equivalent of this room, see Mural corridor.

Trevor's tomb (レッスン場 Ressun-ba ?)[1] is an area of the 2F Spencer Mansion.


The lesson space is a large room lit by ceiling fixtures. The floor is checkered tile. Multiple paintings are hung up on the walls. A fireplace is built on the left wall. At the back of the room is a small table with two seats and a piano.


In both Chris' and Jill's scenario, the Yawn will emerge from the fireplace and engage the player. Before the fight begins, the Yawn attempts to swallow the player, failing and instead smashing a hole into the floor.

Chris's scenario

After defeating the Yawn, the player can jump through the hole down to George Trevor's tomb.

Jill's scenario
Lesson Space 1996 Jill barry

Barry with Jill.

After the player defeats the Yawn, Barry will enter the room and offer to help Jill enter the newly created hole in the floor with a rope. After the rope breaks loose, Barry will leave the room to find another. For the best ending, the player must wait inside the tomb until Barry returns with the rope and then speak with him. Barry will give Jill the Pass Number file before leaving again.


Location Localization Original Script
Fireplace A hole opens in the fireplace
Trevor's tomb entrance (Chris) It's too dark to see, will you jump down? Yes / No
Trevor's tomb entrance (Jill) There's a rope. Will you descent it? Yes / No


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